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Orchard Toys Frog Party : Review

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Over the past year I have been of Orchard Toys games for my kids, they are fun and immensely educational games for all young children. From matching items, learning shapes, counting and much more there are plenty of games covering various areas of National Curriculum Key Stages and Early Years Foundation Stages education.

Recently the kids and I have been playing another Orchard Toys game, this time focusing on counting and mathematics with the help of Frog Party.

Frog PartyThe aim of this game is the reach the party in the centre of the play board first by counting your way there by use of simple counting and addition skills whilst encouraging number recognition.

Contents include; 1 centre party square, 4 jigged boards, 4 frog characters with stands, 10 lily pad discs, 1 double spinner with number line and an instruction leaflet.

Frog Party 1Setting up is really simple, connect the jigged boards to the central party square, place your characters in the coloured starting block and youngest player goes first. First rotate the left hand dial, ask your child to read the number out loud before spinning the second dial and reading that number out loud. Then your child is to add the numbers together, either using the number line on the spinner board or by collecting lily pads, Lewis preferred the lily pads to the number line or even using his fingers as he does in school. Whatever the addition answer is your child is to then move their character that number of spaces on their playing board, jumping from lily pad to lily pad. Each player takes it in turn to spin the dials, work out their sum before moving on to the next player.

The player to reach the party first is the winner.

We have been playing this game for a week or so now, Lewis is really keen to play it which is really good as maths in school wasn’t his strong point but it’s good he’s showing some confidence now to his counting skills.

This game is recommended for children aged 4+ (of a school reception age) and is available to purchase in most high street stores or online with an RRP of £9.50

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