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Mia Tui Sofia : Review

Over the past year or so I have been very aware of a handbag company which really has caught my eye, Mia Tui.

MiaTui LogoBack in January I made my very first purchase of a Mia Tui bag of which I became the very proud owner of the Grace Bag and I have loved it ever since. Now Mia Tui have agreed to work with me and this time I am bringing you the Sofia in Chocolate of which is the next size up to the Grace.

Sofia is a hobo handbag providing a practical yet still very stylish handbag large handbag, ideal for women on the go looking to carry more items rather than just keys, phone and purse. I looked at reviewing the Sofia due to my need to carry my DSLR camera when out and about at events or with my children to carry my extra essentials, this bag is the ultimate “mummy bag”.

SofiaJust like my previous review I am going to provide you with an endless amount of photos of this great handbag so you get a good feel for the Sofia.

The outside of the bag is again really well made of a luxurious faux-leather material which very soft and waterproof. Its very well designed with coordinated stitching, Mia Tui logo and small pocket with zip on the reverse. One part of the design about this bag is that it promotes shoulder straps as well as the cross body attachable strap to use at your desire. If you decide not to use the cross body strap you can choose to clip the attachments down on the sides of you bag thus giving it its “thought” of extra.

Sofia 1The Sofia like the Grace also comes supplied with the two additional pouches ideal for storing toiletries and small items.

The inside of the bag is again designed just like the Grace, with a vibrant pink material, there are pockets on the front and back walls ideal for hiding the pouches explained above. As well as holding pockets at either end to hold a mobile phone/pens and a water bottle (this pocket is insulated). Also included is a elasticated key clip perfect for keeping keys in one place and secure.

Sofia 2As you can see above the Sofia provides an excellent amount of space for all my daily essentials plus my camera. Also the brown pouch within the handbag can be doubled up as a small clutch bag or shoulder bag for evenings out which is fantastic.

Sofia 3So beloware both of my beloved handbags, on the right the Grace and left my newest addition Sofia. As you can clearly see Sofia is larger and bulkier than the Grace but really serves the purpose of which it was intended for. The only design modification i’d like to suggest is to have the shoulder strap design from the Grace brought over to the Sofia, as the shoulder strap is too thin and when carrying heavier items I find the straps tend to dig into my shoulder but other than that the Sofia is a delight and just what I needed. With the thicker strap I’d have certainly given the Sofia a 5* review!

Sofia 4The Sofia bag is available to buy direct from Mia Tui at an RRP of £52 inc free delivery on all orders over £50.


  1. minibreakmummy

    6th April 2015 at 8:14 pm

    I’ve just placed an order for one of these bags. Will let you know how I get on.

  2. Erica Price

    20th March 2015 at 1:49 pm

    I think I NEED a Sofia to carry all my stuff plus my camera too.

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