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Tiggly Counts : Review

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With my children being raised in the 21st century there has been a massive leap in the way children are entertained, educated and stimulated. Mostly through the technology sector, especially with the introduction of tablet computers, these hand-held devices which are gripping our children but they are not all bad. Personally I have loaded my tablet computer with educational games so that the kids are learning, solving problems and having fun all at the same time.

After Easter Leah will be progressing into Nursery and beginning her journey in the world of education. Since Leah started communicating through speech I have been introducing her to phonics and numerics, helping her recognise letters and numbers in the world around her. To help on our journey the lovely people at Tiggly HQ, USA have offered for us to review their Tiggly Counts products to bring Leah onto the next step of numerics by means of mathematics and problem solving.

Tiggly LogoThis box contains 5 counting toys and one soft carrying pouch, each of the counters are of a different length from 1 block to 5 blocks long and they work by placing them on the screen of your tablet computer. They are soft, sleek and ideal for preschool age children. The product itself requires no WiFi, Batteries or Bluetooth activation, the work by placing them on the screen of your tablet computer by magnetic tabs on the bottom of the product.

To get started we downloaded the Tiggly Addventure game onto my android tablet computer through the Google Play Store, there are also apps available for Apple Products on iTunes. After the installation of the game again your tablet computer can have its WiFi mode deactivated so that it is 100% child safe.

TigglyThe graphics of the app is really appealing and colourful, your child is able to follow a really easy themed story, to  help Tiggly on his journey by helping him cross bridges, climb stairs, fly his rocket and much more. By using the counters you place them on the screen to help build his obstacles, this encourages children to problem solve as obstacles are a certain block length and your child needs to provide the correct amount of blocks so that Tiggly can continue his journey.

Tiggly 1There are also added twists to Tiggly’s journey which can confuse children who are new to counting. This promotes problem solving, as certain obstacles encourage children to count in 2’s or even 3’s because certain blocks of the bridges will have X’s through them which means Tiggly cannot stop of these blocks.

Tiggly 2Another mode to Tiggly Addventure is that you don’t need to own Tiggly Counts to use the game, you can play by using finger tips. So 4 finger tips will be provide 4 blocks, this is another good feature which promotes addition skills by use of fingers which is what children will do in a classroom environment.

So far we have only tested Tiggly Counts with the Tiggly Addventure app but the counters are also compatible with Tiggly Cardtoons which feature more maths skills for young children helping to provide the correct amount of objects for different animals. Also the counters are compatible for Tiggly Chef which is only available through iTunes.

Although the product Tiggly Counts is not due for official release in the UK until May 2015 it is is currently available to purchase from are still compatible for Android products). Tiggly Counts have a RRP of £24.95, also keep a look out for Tiggly Shapes which are already available in the UK again with an RRP of £24.95.

If you note at the beginning of the review I have only given this product 3 stars, there are a couple of reasons for this. Overall the product is really good, it’s educational for children, soft, easy to grasp and well made. But its very pricey for what it is, personally I’d really begrudge spending £25 on some plastic blocks to use for the screen on my tab when the app allows you to do the same game but using fingertips. Also availability of apps between operating platforms isn’t great, there are more apps available for Apple Products over Android Products which is a shame.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with Tiggly Count products to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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