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Decorating The Kids Bedroom’s

A job I have on my list for this year is to refurnish the kids bedrooms, making them more “child friendly” and appealing to their tastes. We’ve never really done this in the past, usually having to keep costs low which has usually resulted in half finished jobs and their rooms looking uncared for. Over the coming year I intend to make changes to their rooms, to provide matching furniture at least and also giving their rooms a theme.

As we currently live in a rented house we need to make the changes without much change to the house, no change is to be too drastic for any future tenants. So for that reason ClearlyDaddy and I have decided to keep the house a neutral/clean colour i.e. magnolia and make our changes with furnishings instead.

First up would be the theme’s, now that Leah is coming up for 3 years old and Lewis is 5 they both have their individual tastes and favourites at the moment. Lewis is Lego whilst Leah is Frozen (surprised you there didn’t I?!)

Kids BedroomsI find that adding a favourite theme to any bedroom, especially for young children make their surroundings more comfortable but also make their bedrooms (and bedtimes) more fun. As Leah puts it on a nightly basis she’s getting into her “Frozen Bed” as she already owns the Elsa Bedset. With Lewis’s love for Lego it’s only fair to fix it up with his favourite characters.

For the furniture I want it all to last a fair while and keeping it neutral coloured I think would make it all last longer whilst keeping in with their stages of growth.

Kids Bedrooms 1The tall 2 toned wardrobe would be perfect for Leah’s room as she does have a small room and lots of clothes. The wardrobe is actually double railed which will be ideal and with the drawers underneath it will be great for adding her t-shirts and leggings. Whilst the white drawers would be for Lewis’s room as he already has the larger drawers so we would need to sort the smaller set for his bedside table. Lewis doesn’t require a wardrobe as he has a built in one already.

Kids Bedrooms 2Next I would add some Voiles to their room, we have large bedroom windows in our house and I am very fond of natural light but also maintaining privacy. Adding Bedroom Voiles in the kids rooms would be ideal for matching their decor and giving a perfect finishing touch.

Lastly would be new carpets as their carpets are very worn in their rooms, nothing too extravagant as I would need to keep up that neutral theme for if we ever moved out. Kids Bedrooms 3

What are your decorating aims for this year? What little changes would make a big difference to your chosen room?

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