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Our Pet History…

For my regular readers you will know that we are the proud owners of a rescue pup, Teegan our Lurcher. He’s really slotted into our family life well… well to be honest he turned out lives upside down but he brought so much fun and adventures to our doorstep we’ve never looked back.

Over the years we have had rather a variety of pets in our lives;

My love for pets started 9 years ago when my hubby and I got our first place together, it seemed a brilliant idea to get an aquarium to have our own easy to care for pets.

PetsThis was our starter aquarium, which later grew into a larger 120litre tropical aquarium as I found it would be easier to look after as bacteria took longer to develop in a larger tank. The years took their toll and now Lewis had entered our lives so with having a child, working full time and having so much housework to contend with the aquarium became a bit neglected so we decided to sell it on to a family who could care for it better than us. We really do fully intend to invest in another aquarium in the coming years.

We’ve also had a cat and 2 rabbits. The cat needed to re-homed eventually due to a pending house move which resulted in the cat not being able to come with us (and the hubby’s allergies) and the rabbits passed on due to age.

Pets 2We’ve even had chickens but a wild ferret put an end to these, we were mortified as we loved our chooks and their daily production of eggs.

Pets 3Over the next few years our pets were non existent, this saw the arrival of Leah and a couple of house moves which would have been too unsettling for any animal.

During our spate of house moves we have rolled back to the very beginning and have been the proud owner of a coldwater fish tank which we bought for Lewis’s 2nd Birthday, he has always loved fishes so we bought a very small child coldwater fish tank which has been the lovely home for our 2 goldfish ever since.

Pets 4Then exactly a year ago we welcomed our latest arrival to our house, Teegan. Teegan is our rescue Lurcher Pup and in the coming weeks I shall be talking more about him and the antics we have experiences since his arrival.

Pets 5

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