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Inspiration For Outdoor Winter Play

During winter getting the kids off their games consoles and encouraging them to play outdoors can be incredibly difficult when the temperature plummets towards zero and the house is so warm and toasty. However, it is important that they get sufficient exercise and fresh air, so we have compiled a list of five games and activities which will inspire them to wrap up warm and head outside.

Lewis Winter

Winter Wildlife Patrol

Unlike us, many of nature’s most wonderful creatures prefer to come out during the colder months. Robins and foxes are far easier to spot during winter – so use this opportunity to explore the country’s wildlife. This list from Wildlife Britain can help you put together a winter wildlife checklist, adding fun incentives to a winter family walk.

Sledging Grand Prix

The Guardian’s guide to the best sledging spots in the UK can help you find the perfect place to take the kids and the sledges when a blanket of snow has settled. It’s important to get to these spots early if you want to enjoy uninterrupted sledging with the family.

Add a competitive element with a sledging grand prix. Heavier members of the family will benefit from gravity and potentially be the quickest down the hill so run a few time trials and give the slower members of the family a head start when the serious racing commences.

Ice Science

The freezing cold conditions of winter helps make the outdoors a great natural science laboratory for the whole family. Fun science experiments can be carried in the comfort of the back garden. If the conditions are cold enough, a bubble blower can teach the kids about freezing. Slowly blow a bubble outdoors and watch as the surface of the bubble is invaded by ice flakes.

Kids can also learn about the creation of steam in the cold winter air. Prepare a jug of boiled water and (after making sure the kids are well out of the firing line) toss the boiled water into the air. The cold air will react with the hot water and the water will immediately turn into steam – not unlike a magic trick for the kids.

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Winter Glamping

Camping’s continued makeover and evolution into a more glamorous and comfortable pursuit is making it more enjoyable in winter than ever. Pitch up in a peaceful glampsite and snuggle around a roaring fire, telling sharing food, warmed by the fire, and enjoying the stillness of the great British outdoors.

Make sure you and the kids are fully prepared for the cold conditions though with thick tents, air beds and sleeping bags. The camping selection from All Round Fun specialises in camping equipment for all ages.

Ice Ornaments

Creative kids will love the chance to create their own ice ornaments to decorate the garden. All you need is a small container, string and leaves and berries or toys for decoration. See below for simple instructions.

  1. Boil the kettle and leave the water to cool. Then boil the kettle again, and leave to cool again (this removes all bubbles and impurities from the water).
  2. Place a piece of string in a small container, running across the bottom and up the inside walls so a small amount of string emerges from above the top of the container.
  3. Place toys or leaves and berries in the water and leave the container out in the cold.
  4. When the water has frozen, use the string to pull the ice out of the container and hang from a tree or birdhouse in the garden. The toys or leaves and berries add a decorative effect.


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