Merry Christmas From ClearlyBex!!

I know this post is a wee bit late, I didn’t get chance to get online before Christmas Day. I was in a mad panic to get all the arrangements sorted for the big day, organise families, foods, presents, visitors, housework and most importantly 2 very impatient kids.

I’d now like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, I hope you all had a good one?

We certainly did, in the end I was very well organised and getting ready for the “big guys” arrival was speedy and to plan come Christmas Eve. The kids thoroughly enjoyed watching Santa (ISS) fly past at 5.20pm, sprinkling the garden with Reindeer food and preparing Santa’s plate with Mince Pie, Carrots and Milk.

Xmas 2014One picture I am missing from above is Leah’s addition to Santa’s plate, which is her dummies which she has handed over to Santa to give to the baby reindeers. That night getting Leah to bed was awkward but she fully understood giving Santa her dummies would make the baby Reindeer’s very happy but  eventually she dropped off to sleep and hasn’t asked for her dummies again since.

Christmas morning began with a 6.30am start, and Lewis coming through to our room with the contents of his stocking in his arms, a banana, some chocolate and a fruit shoot drink. Whilst the kids enjoyed their little treats ClearlyDaddy and I got ready to make a move downstairs to see all the goodies that Santa left… as you can see from the photo above the living-room was tightly packed! (I seriously have a habit of over buying).

Given the amount of presents Lewis had he didn’t hang around opening them all up to see what he had, Leah on the other hand really did take her time and wanted to play with each individual toy before unwrapping the next.

I was rather spoilt this Christmas, before Christmas arrived I’d received my first gift of my new mobile phone, but my gifts today included a photography lighting kit and WiFi printer.

Xmas 2014 1Then about mid morning we had the arrival of my Father In Law and my mum. They both came laden with more gifts, refilling the livingroom ready for Lewis’s onslaught of unwrapping and playing. Lewis particularly loved his air hockey table and Zoomer Dino where as Leah got an Elsa dressing up dress and lots of dressing up jewellery.

Xmas 2014 2At about 12.45 we met the rest of my family at a local hotel for our Christmas Meal, it was such a lovely change going out for our meal as we’d never done this before. Also this was the location where Sam and I got married 6 and a half years earlier, it was very surreal returning to the building.

Xmas 2014 3On our return home the kids enjoyed alot more playing but also made the most of the lovely weather by enjoying their new bikes on the driveway and road. Then it was time for us to get all snuggly in our new PJ’s, Leah and I were particularly spoilt with our Minnie Mouse onesies, mine even has a tail!!

Xmas 2014 4Boxing Day saw a slow start, exhausted from the event the day before we eventually got dressed and headed to the retail park to have a mooch through some sales. Buying some bargains in Boots and Next, then going car shopping (Boxing Day is a fab day for car shopping, no salesmen!!) and returning home before the snow started.

Xmas 2014 5Teegan partiularly enjoyed licking the snow from Lewis’s hair, did make for funny viewing.

These past 2 days have been immensley special and so much fun but this is not the end of our Christmas. The kids still have another week and a half off school but this weekend we are travelling up north to visit family.

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, what were highlights?

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