Child Loss

Megan – 4 years on

Dear Megan,

Another year and another painful 3 days of the year… how can it be 4 years already?!

I am really unsure how to start this, all I can think right now is that you should be 3 and a half years old and getting ready for Christmas with your big brother and little sister. You should be joining in this excitement, visiting Santa with us and helping me wrap gifts to put under the tree.

You should be thriving, enjoying your time at nursery and getting ready to start big school with your brother in September. I will look at all the kids starting school in September and thinking there is one child missing walking through that door – you!

I so wanted to have this letter ready for you yesterday but couldn’t put the words together to write. Yesterday you should have been with us whilst your Brother and Sister had friends round for a Christmas Party, Santa even visited too… I wonder if you would have been scared of him or would you have been thrilled having Santa in the house?

This past year has been a magical year, we welcomed a new member of the family to live with us, Teegan our puppy. We had lots of days out and took a holiday to Legoland. Lewis and Leah have found a new love for all things Frozen, they both love singing to the songs and one voice missing is definitely yours it would have been funny to have you all sing together.

Tomorrow Daddy and I will be coming to visit you whilst Lewis and Leah are at school/nursery. An annual journey we shouldnt have to be making, not now not ever but we have to and we always will do. We don’t visit as often as we should but you are always in our hearts, now and forever.

Love you always angel.


Mummy & Daddy xx

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  1. Laughing Owl

    17th December 2014 at 5:24 pm

    I don’t know what to say, but I didn’t want to read and run. xxxxx

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