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Car Insurance… What’s The Point??

I will pre-warn you this will be a very ranty blog post, but quite frankly this has ruined my New Years Eve and also a lovely evening with my family.

On the 15th November, you may recall me publishing a blog post “Bad Luck Comes In 3’s” this was following on from ClearlyDaddy’s rather unfortunate accident earlier that day which resulted in our car looking like this.

CarFollowing on from this incident our car was taken away for investigation and assessing costs to repair. The through  oversight and forgetfulness of our insurance provider we were informed 3 weeks later our vehicle was beyond economical repair (i.e. it was going to cost too much) and was in-turn written off. We’d then been handed the delightful news our 6 year old car had depreciated £1200 in value in 8 months, having done only 6,000 miles. We were stunned and immediately set about disputing the “payout”.

Then a week before Christmas a cheque for this payout arrived through our door, cue more annoyance and a call to our insurance company. We were then informed to accept this cheque as “part payment” for our payout, to then bank the cheque and a final offer to then be made.

By this point our claim was being handled by 3 (yes 3!!) companies, these were our Broker (The AA), the Underwritters (Allianz) and a Company Called Claim’s Fast. Claims Fast deal with the nitty gritty issues, and were our people to speak to regarding our hire car, whilst Allianz were dealing with our payout.

Are you confused yet?? I am!!

On receipt of this “payment” we immediately contacted the hire people regarding our car as we need a car for work purposes and can’t afford to be without a vehicle, they immediately told us our agreement wouldn’t be affected due to this payout only being “part payment” and our agreement would continue until full payment was made.

Eventually Allianz came back to us with another top up offer of an extra £500 which then left us £700 short of our original payout. We still were not happy about this figure especially to replace the vehicle like for like we only need at least an extra £200 but Allianz were not budging on this offer and it effectively became their final offer. In the meantime I had fortunately sourced a new vehicle, put an offer on it and was becoming increasingly fed up with this saga with Allianz not budging and us running round in circles we have accepted and are now awaiting our final settlement cheque – I just need an end!

This brings us onto tonight…

SunsetPicture the scene, its New Years Eve, the kids and I have had a lovely day with friends and we’d collected ClearlyDaddy up from work and embarked on a lovely evening walk with the dog… when the phone rings.

Initially I thought it was a casual call until I hear “you have to be kidding me!” and this wasn’t in a joking tone, ClearlyDaddy sounded shocked and annoyed. After hearing more of the conversation I’d managed to pick up the jist of the conversation – Claim’s Fast were ending the agreement of the loan car. On the basis we’d received a cheque and were no longer entitled to keep the hire vehicle… remember the earlier conversation about “part payment” and not affecting our lease?? Well it did! We have to return the hire vehicle on Friday, regardless of us not physically having full payment nor a replacement vehicle. Claim’s Fast were not budging on their claim and were claiming the vehicle back regardless. Just great!

So as of Friday we are without a vehicle, without full payout and now without a way to go and collect our new vehicle.

This really has left me in a limbo, what on EARTH is the point of having insurance?! We were not to blame for this accident so we should have been looked after from start to finish, we feel victimised and now completely robbed. We’ve lost £700 off the original payout of our vehicle and now have a find a way of either getting our new car before next Monday or paying for extension to our vehicle loan (which we cannot afford!) to cover us.

When you take out insurance, you should feel safe, knowing you are to be looked after should the worse happen to your vehicle, especially if the accident is not your fault! But this has seen us loosing out massively and now having to not only cover our £200 loss for also an extra £130 in road tax for our new vehicle. That is £330 we do not have, especially after Christmas and with it also being ClearlyDaddy’s 30th Birthday in a fortnight I just want to cry.

ClearlyDaddy will be having an early Birthday present… a new car!

New Car - Meriva

I’d like so say this has been a great ending to 2014 but quite frankly I shall be pleased to see the back of 2014, getting our new vehicle and seeing the end of this horrid saga.

Roll on 2015!



  1. Tina (@TheMotherGeek)

    1st January 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Total joke! On the plus side… You know who NOT to insure your next car with! Xx

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      2nd January 2015 at 2:12 pm

      Exactly… to be fair The AA have been good to us, truthfully they haven’t dealt with much as they are only the brokers. Its the underwriters and third parties which have really failed to help/understand.

  2. Erica Price

    1st January 2015 at 8:44 am

    As you know we are having car problems too, so I can understand the frustration. It doesn’t seem fair that you should be losing out so much on the cash value, but to be let down by the car hire people too is too much.

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      2nd January 2015 at 2:10 pm

      Its all been too much tbh, I have really struggled with the whole change and saga of it all. But thankfully there is light as we are collecting our new car tomorrow thanks to a short term loan from family so its all thankfully coming to an end.

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