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Cadbury World : Review

Having now lived back in the West Midlands for over 14 months I have visited various attractions and taken in a vast amount of sights the area have to offer but one place has remained unseen to me of which I have been very eager to visit. Cadbury World.

Last week I was thrilled to be invited to visit Cadbury World with Leah for a Mummy, Daughter day out and a brilliant day out we had. Having known very little about the location and area I was really surprised to see how big it was, there’s not just only Cadbury World open to view there’s also the village of Bournville too. Cadbury World is actually on the site of the infamous Cadbury factory so you get to see the whole site and experience the area. I’d estimate a full and interesting day out to be had if you were to visit everything.

Arrival at the reception of Cadbury World you are greeted by really friendly staff where you can claim your tickets and directed to facilities such as shop, cafe or museum entrance etc. When you are ready to begin your tour you are greeted by another member of staff who will begin by dishing out the first supply of free chocolate (yippeee!!), entrance to the museum at busy periods can be staggered to avoid over crowding and enjoyment of the Cadbury Story film.

First of all your tour will begin in the Aztec Jungle, where the first Cocoa pods were discovered and collected by the Mayan Indians in the forests of Central America. Next we travelled our Journey To Europe where we discovered the ways the Cocoa were transported before arriving at Bull Street.

At Bull Street we were introduced to the founder of Cadbury’s, J Cadbury, during 2 short films we learnt alot about J Cadbury’s life as a Quaker and then starting out his own business in 1824. Originally starting out selling tea, coffee and drinking chocolate but then found his love for reforming Cocoa into chocolate which could be eaten. Swiftly his little enterprise moved from their first settlement in a shop, to a unit and then the Bournville factory. Together with his brother and son’s, Cadbury’s was made.

Cadbury WorldDuring the 2nd film we learnt about the processes of breaking the Cocoa Pod through the 3 Cadbury sites to producing edible Chocolate we all know and love today.

After the films we headed upstairs to the Manufacturing and Packaging plant, of which a small portion of open for the public to see (otherwise we’d be walking the plant all day!). Unfortunately this area does not allow photography but there is plenty to see and learn.

Fact For You: Cadbury’s wrap up to 800 bar’s of chocolate per minute!!! – I suddenly feel the need to eat more chocolate!

Cadbury World 2After the Manufacturing and Packaging area’s there is a super special treat for the kids, a lovely ride around the Cadabra area in a Beanmobile. There are a few areas to this, all featuring familiar characters and the very cheeky Chuckle Beans.

Next we headed back downstairs to the Chocolate making, demonstration area where we got to indulge in a pot of melted chocolate with our own added toppings. Leah kept her chocolate plain whilst I added marshmellows. This area is brilliant, you can talk to various chocolatiers, learn processes and also have a feel of a Cocoa Pod. Also on display are various chocolate masterpieces, from giant eggs to a chocolate rollercoaster.

Cadbury World 3Then it was turn for Advertising Avenue, and wow, what a blast from the past! You walk down what I can only describe as a chocolate street, in various house windows are advertising boards or commercials playing. At the far end of the walk way are a couple large displays, featuring the rollercoaster from the Crunchie advert, it really is a test to see what you can remember and what you had forgotten existed.

As we walked into the next room we were greeted by an interactive advertisement area, this allowed us to watch 4 adverts where we got to see the infamous Cadbury Gorilla playing his drums and the 2 kids with their dancing eyebrows – Leah thought this was hillarious!

Cadbury World 4Lastly on our tour we visited the Purple Planet, sadly this is undergoing reconstruction but Leah did enjoy sticking her head into the reflective ball room.

Overall the inside tour lasted about 1hr 20 minutes and upon exiting we were greeted by the Cadbury Store, full to the brim of all things chocolate.

Cadbury World 5Next on the tour is the Bournville Experience where you can learn more about the Bournville Village, walk around the interactive exhibition and even try your hand at building your own village. There is much to see in here, we only got a brief look as we were running out of time for our visit. I was also eager to visit the 4D Chocolate Adventure before closing, of which this was also short lived as Leah refused to enter the building! This is an interactive ride, complete with moving seats as you dive into a bowl of Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and take the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg… this really does sound amazing but unfortunately I fear it would have been too much for Leah with the moving seats. This is something I do intend on revisiting on my next trip there.

Last I want to mention the Cafe, situated in the main foyer of Cadbury World, providing light snacks, hot/cold drinks and meals all at very reasonable prices. Leah had a lunch box, complete with sandwich (which she removed from the photo to eat) whilst I had a very scrummy fish and chips.

Cadbury World 6Tickets to visit Cadbury World are on a pre bookable basis only, this avoids disappointment at peak times and also helps with booking you tour times. For full information please visit the Buy Tickets section of the Cadbury World webpage. Tickets are very reasonably well priced at £15.15 per adult, £11.12 per child (aged 4-12) and under 4years are free, also available are family tickets, 2+2 or 2+3 which are slightly discounted too.

All in all we had a brilliant day out, I hadn’t realised just how big the site was and how much there would be to see. I intend to return after the winter period to see all of the Bournville experience and the village.

If you are visiting the area and looking for things to do, please visit this webpage for further ideas and inspiration.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with tickets to visit Cadbury World for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. @chelscoult3

    11th August 2015 at 12:47 am

    Sounds fantastic, I’ve always wanted to visit but worry I’d consume my bodyweight in chocolate!

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