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BRITAX Advansafix : Review

I absolutely love being a Mumbassador for BRITAX, I really enjoy sharing with you all the new products that are being released and sharing exciting news of upcoming items.

Today I am delighted to be showing you the new Advansafix, Group 1-2-3 car seat.

AdvansafixThis seat is brilliant for families on a budget or don’t want the hassle of changing car seats again, this seat can be used by a child from 9 months old to 12 years old (9-36kg). The Advansafix promotes a 5 point adjustable harness which can be removed later on when no longer required and then progresses onto a high backed booster seat with use of a standard vehicle seatbelt. The headrest is adjustable which provides safety and comfort for your growing child and also the seat reclines for the earlier days when your young child is napping.

Advansafix 1Installation into vehicle

The Advansafix features 3 different installation points into a vehicle, providing maximum safety, security and no movement. First up you have the pretty standard ISOFIX, then the seatbelt fixing (which is later used as your child progresses out of the 5-point harness) and a new feature which I’d never known about until recently, Top Tether.Top Tether is not something all vehicles provide, so it is best checking the BRITAX Fit Finder to see if your car will be a match for the Advansafix or any other car seats in the range. Please note if your vehicle does not provide a Top Tether this car seat is not compatible.

At the bottom of this review you will find an introduction/installation video, created by me, showing you all the installation points.

Advansafix 2With the seat now in place it was time to pop Leah (who looks ever so grumpy) in place and head out on our maiden voyage. Leah is absolutely delighted to have a “big-girl” car seat now as it is a near match to Lewis’s KIDFIX and in the next 12 months Leah will be of an age where we can remove the harness and use the seat with a standard belt.

Removing the 5-point harness

I expected this to be a really tricky job but it’s an absolute doddle. The crotch strap is removed by turning the car seat over and feeding the strap through the clip. The shoulder straps are removed from the tension strap and headrest anchor on the back of the car seat. Whilst the waist strap is simply fed out of the loop in the bottom of the seat.

For purpose of the review I have not removed the strap completely as it would be very fiddly to replace into the loop afterwards.

Advansafix 3One major advantage of the Advansafix is that your child can remain in the 5-point harness for longer, as with most standard group 1 car seats children are ready to progress to a standard belt car seat at about 18kg (between ages 3-4, depending on your child’s height and weight) but with the Advansafix your child could remain in the harness until 25kg! This has been a major selling point to me as I fear Leah will want to fiddle with the seatbelt clip, but this has raised a separate issue, Leah’s height.

Aged 2 and a half Leah is already 98cm tall (the height of an average 3-4 year old) and the straps provided on the Advansafix will only fit a child up to 115cm tall (the height of an average 5 year old) thus giving me an issue as Leah will soon be grown out of the straps before reaching 25kg. But this in fairness is a minor problem to us now, I am just glad that Leah has a car seat which potentially could last her 10 years!

This car seat is priced at £220 RRP, which as a one off price is brilliant especially with the potential of a 10 year lifespan!

As promised here is my introduction/installation video for the BRITAX Advansafix.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a BRITAX Advansafix to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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