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Superphoto : Review

I love keeping memory books, something special to keep as a memoir of a special time or place. I find photobook’s or scrap books can be the best place for such things.

A while ago I was contacted by SuperPhoto to test out their new software and printing equipment to create a photobook. I decided to create a photobook based on my son’s summer holidays.

Superphoto Ordering 1For my review I chose to create a small 20cmx15cm hardback landscape book, priced at £9.99. Creation was at times rather fiddly trying to get photos within the printing areas and now losing vital parts of the photos but to printing area lines, but with some practise I managed to get it all sorted. You can create your own page layouts or even use layouts suggested by the software.

Superphoto OrderingYou can adapt photo’s to the way you like, by flipping them or rotating them or even adding different coloured borders to photos. And each page can be designed individually giving a more unique and personal touch. There are so many background designs available, you really are spoilt for choice. There is a fairly decent range of fonts to choose from too.

Delivery is estimated to take around 5-8 working days from date of order and your finished book will be delivered by courier priced at £3.99 (additional charges for extra copies). I was quite pleased with my finished article, the front cover quality was fantastic although it was just a plain hardback design, I though it would have had a bit of padding to it but that said it doesn’t affect the finished product at all.

SuperphotoInside the book, the backgrounds really did help the pages stand out a bit more. The photo’s do look quite good, although some are rather grainy and over 90% of photos were also taken with my DSLR camera so rather gutted the quality wasn’t better.

All in all the book is good, given the price and I’d certainly consider using again especially for printing similar books.


**This is not a sponsored post. I was provided with a free photobook from Superphoto to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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