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Smiggle : Birmingham Bullring

Last week I was invited along to Birmingham BullRing for a very exciting event, for the store opening of Smiggle!

About Smiggle

Smiggle is a very quirky and creative store about all things stationary. Their products are bright, bold and immensely fun whilst featuring great designs and graphics. All Smiggle products are of their own design and manufacture, making these stores very unique. Smiggle was born and bred in Australia and is now 11 years old. Now with over 160 stores across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore they have spread their wings and have arrived in the UK earlier this year which has seen them open 12 stores already with a further 6 stores set to open before Christmas.

As I mentioned earlier I was very fortunate to be invited along to the store opening in Birmingham.

Smiggle StoreImmediately I was blown away and instantly understood their slogan “Where A Smile Meets A Giggle”. There is a wide range of brightness and colours in the store, I was really taken with the fact that this store is for any age of person and gender. There really is something for everybody in here. There are a lot of scented products too, the gel pens and some pencils each have their own scent. I was really sneaky I bought my kids a heat activated colour changing pencil each.

It is really easy to get carried away with purchases in the store and you do literally end up walking away with bags full of new stationary. I was very fortunate to be given a fantastic goody bag, an advent calendar (I shall tell you more about this in a separate post), I bought the kids (and myself) some goodies and because I spent over £15 I was handed another goody bag.

Smiggle 1I have been really impressed with all the products from Smiggle they are really well priced, the fragrance gel pens are beyond my favourite and the kids love the rainbow ribbon. The digital watched intended for use by Lewis has ended up on ClearlyDaddy’s wrist as he thinks its brilliant. We were given 3 packets of erasers, soccer balls, tools and skates all of which are scented and very quirky. I am officially a Smiggle lover and whilst in the Birmingham area yesterday I found it difficult to resist the temptation to just “pop” into Smiggle again.

Smiggle Stores are popping up everywhere I really do recommend having a look at their store locator to find your nearest store.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was invited along to Smiggle Birmingham Bullring to have a look at their products and was given a goody bag to take away. All words and opinions are my own.

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