Enjoying A Drive In Movie – Half Term Fun

On the recent Half Term Holidays I tried to keep the kids as entertained as possible and fortunately Hubby helped by providing one afternoon outing for us. He treated us to an afternoon out, at our local exhibition centre to sit in the car park (oh yes!) and watch a drive in movie, Frozen!

Never before have I seen a drive in movie… I actually thought drive in movies existed in movies.

That was until Telford Council, sponsored by Free Radio made their own…

Drive In MovieOn Friday 31st October we booked ourselves in to the Drive In Movie at the International Centre, Telford to enjoy Frozen. Leah has been Frozen mad for some time now and we all know the words to the songs so thought this would be a perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time trapped inside our car.

Not only that, I have never yet been able to watch the whole film from start to finish without disturbances… I didn’t manage it this time either, cue one potty training toddler into the mix and 4 trips to the bathrooms to spice things up!

Drive In Movie 1We really enjoyed the movie on the big screen and also tuning our car stereo to the set frequency for the sound it certainly was an experience to remember.

Hubby enjoyed it that much he returned later on that evening to watch a Halloween special A Nightmare On Elm Street, he didn’t take me though thankfully!

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