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What Would Be Your #MorningWin?

Do you have a morning win, something which you know if it actually happened would give you that perfect “fist pump moment”?!

Belvita 3I do…

Mine would be doing the necessary housework required before heading out on the nursery/school run and then going to relax in a cafe in town to enjoy a lovely coffee which reading a good book on my kindle.

I know it doesn’t seem overly fantastic nor exciting but for me that would be a great achievement. On the days where both children are in their daytime settings I would usually be running around frantically doing chores, jobs or running errands. We put Leah in nursery more hours to give me some peace and I could relax abit whilst blogging, this rarely happens.

So when I was challenged by Belvita to a #MorningWin challenge I knew I had to accept because it would be perfect motivation to actually get when I want to achieve occasionally.

For my challenge I was provided with 3 varieties of the new Belvita Breakfast Crunchy bars to try out. Then on a school day where both kids were at school/nursery I set myself the challenge of doing all necessary jobs, dropping the kids off and then heading into town for coffee with my breakfast bars in tow.   BelvitaI enjoyed a whole hour of peace and quiet, enjoyed reading my book and nibbling on the Choc Chip variety bars. What is best about these bars is that they slowly release carbohydrates meaning you stay feeling fuller for longer allowing you to go 4 hours without feeling hungry again.

Belvita 1The new bars are absolutely lovely, I was provided with Apricot, Choc Chip & Hazelnuts. I am not really over keen on Hazelnuts so I let hubby take these to work with him which he soon devoured.

So I have shared my morning win, what would yours be??

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  1. Kate On Thin Ice

    12th October 2014 at 10:31 pm

    It is important to get some you time in the parenting mix. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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