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Roads Are Dangerous Places

Since either of my children can walk I have always taught them that roads are dangerous places, they know to keep away from roads and when crossing a road to always hold my hand. It’s a simple thing which has been drummed into them.

Lewis is now at an age where cross a road alone is somewhat of a novelty and I know he is more than capable of the whole “Stop, Look and Listen” motions before taking that step of a kerb. This is a simple practise that we do on a daily basis on the school run.

Leah is starting to pick up on the routine, I always ask her before we cross a road “is any cars coming?” of which she looks and we cross if the coast is clear. Sometimes she does get confused between simple parked cars or cars which are driving in the opposite direction but at least she is registering them.

My children are aged 5 years and 2 years.

So why do teenagers (more than twice their age) appear to have missed out on this simple life lesson?!

On my morning school run, I drive pass our local secondary school a school which clearly needs to remind their pupils of road safety. With the kids on their 6th week back at school I am too frequently I am having near misses teenagers in my car of a morning.

This past 2 weeks alone I have had;

  • A pupil walk out into the road without looking to meet their friend at the other side.
  • A pupil cross a junction without looking due to playing with their mobile phone.
  • Numerous students just walking in the middle of the road with no care
  • Students crossing a zebra crossing without stopping to inform of their decision to cross the road resulting in a near miss with a bus!

And this morning was the best of all…

A groups of teenagers walking to school where one boy decides to push his mate into the road, resulting in him being lunged into the side of my MOVING vehicle! If he’d have pushed him only 2 seconds earlier I dread to think of the consequences. My vehicle was travelling at about 20mph, but still given the force of the shove from his “friend” he could have been led in the road and my stopping distance would not have been enough to save him.

I was quite shaken up by all of this, my kids screamed in the back of the car and Lewis thought I’d actually killed him. When I got out of my vehicle to check on the lad he was walking away laughing his head off… Clearly he didn’t care! Why can’t teenagers just walk safely and carefully?! Surely they know the risks of the roads?!

I dread my children growing up, I will always want them to walk to school responsibly and respectfully. I will always now live in fear of a dreadful accident of a “friend” pushing a friend.

Today that lad was lucky…

And hopefully I can complete the school run without risk of injuring another human…


**This is a personal “ranty “post.

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