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Holiday Must-Haves

Back in the summer we went on a short holiday, spending 5 days staying in Windsor and visiting various local attractions. In the 9 years myself and ClearlyDaddy have been together we have never holidayed abroad, we’ve opted to stay in the UK, visit parts of our country we have never seen before.

The main reason we opt to stay in the country is funds, I mean, how expensive is it to actually leave the country? We have no passports also, so there’s extra expense too!

Staying in the UK means we can literally fill our car to the brim with everything (including the kitchen sink), there’s no worry of excessively packing or being charged for over packing as is what happens at airports. I am a compulsive over packer, I need to take everything.

Over the past few years we have holidayed in a couple of ways, we have more often than not holidayed in static caravans at sites, we’ve stayed in a hotel and rented out a cottage or two. We have always enjoyed ourselves and made the most of our holidays.

Recently I was asked by about the nitty gritty part of holidaying, the packing… more important “what would be our holiday must-haves”. Given the fact I pack until the car is rammed full here is a brief outline of what we took away with us in the summer for our hotel holiday;

  • General Clothing – These are packed over 2 large suitcases, including 1 outfit per day and 2 spare outfits just incase – We always go home with half the clothes unused!
  • Bathroom Essentials – They get a bag of their own
  • 3 pairs of shoes each, for warm, cool or wet days – We usually only need the 1 pair but you never know.
  • Hairdryer & straighteners – honestly no-one sees me au-natural until my hair has been straightened.
  • Make up – I don’t usually wear make up but I may have come up with an occasion to need it.
  • 2 bags of carefully selected toys – I insist the kids pack their own toy bags, it gives them responsibility and they know what they are taking to play on the journey and in the evenings in the hotel.
  • Phone chargers – Phones always require juicing up at the end of a day
  • DSLR Camera and charger – My camera had lots of use during the holiday, again required charging daily.
  • Leah’s pushchair – Aged 2 and a half, we did alot of walking so it was there for if she needed it. Even Lewis got worn out occasionally so it was a lifesaver.
  • Snacks – I always enjoy an evening snack once the kids are asleep, its a good time of day to whip out the foods that you don’t want to have to share with the littlies during the day. These foods were carefully hidden away from praying fingers!
  • Coats – Yes ok, it was 22-25c all week but you never know an Arctic front could JUST appear right?!

Holiday Cottages CompYes Lewis, we DO need all that stuff!!

But that’s not all… The next 2 items, are what I’d call my OTT items but I do have various reasons for taking both.

  • My tab – My tab contains all my photo editing software to share the days photo’s on social media at the end of a day. It is also my book and I just love to read at night.
  • My laptop – Yes, I took my laptop away on holiday with me!! I’d fully intended to blog when I could on holiday after the kids had gone to sleep, we were all in a family room and once the kids were asleep it was rather boring so I opted to take my laptop to work

If you are regular holiday goers in the UK, what would be your must have items for taking with you??


**This is my entry into the must-haves competition.

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