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Steroplast® Kids First Aid Kit : Review

Being a mother of 2, very active and mobile children means it comes with plenty of trips and tumbles. We really do enjoy our days out, ClearlyDaddy always carries a mini first aid kit on him… where as I tend to rely on a pack of baby wipes, a kiss and a cuddle!

That was until recently when I was contacted by Premier Healthcare & Hygiene who wanted to supply me with a Kids Travel First Aid Kit to test and review;

First Aid Kit 1This is a hand-sized first aid kid,the bag is really well made and feels very rugged and tough. This really isnt going to fall apart on you in a few weeks/months time, this is designed for life. Supplied with a carry handle and hooks on top. Also on the rear of the pouch it promotes a belt clip ideal for clipping onto belts or I have found the strap of our change bag. This means it is ideal to keep close by for them emergencies.

First Aid Kit 2The pouch has zip fastenings and opens up to reveal two mesh compartments, perfect for keeping the kit neat and tidy.

This kit contains;

  • 2x Alcohol Free Wipes – As these wipes are alcohol free they will not sting an injury during cleaning.
  • 1x Triangular Bandage (sling) – perfect for immobilising any arm/shoulder injury to then get your child to an A&E department.
  • 9x Decorated Plasters – Perfect for calming any child with a child friendly design.
  • 1x Low Adherent Dressing – Perfect for covering larger cuts/grazes which plasters won’t be big enough for.
  • 1x Roll Microporous Tape – To hold the Low Adherent Dressing in place or for dressing the loose corner of the triangular bandage.
  • 1x Pair Powder Free Gloves – To be worn when treating cuts to prevent infection.
  • 2x Woundwash/Eyewash – To be used to clean wounds or rinse out dirt from eyes.
  • 1x Bandage – To hold dressings or support injuries.

This kit really is aimed very well at children, providing adequate supplies for dealing with any short term injury. All tapes and plasters use hypo-allergenic adhesive which is perfect for young skin and prevents reactions.

This kids comes with an RRP of £4.60 which I think is really good value given what it contains and also the security of the products contained in the bag, if this pouch is hastily opened the products will not fall to the floor. And when an item has been used it can be easily replaced and stored away again.

A must have for any parent with young tumbly children.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a kids travel first aid kit to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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    17th September 2014 at 7:46 am

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