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I’ve Gone Conkers Over Autumn

So it appears that we are now well into the season of Autumn… this really is my favourite season of the year. We are cooling down from the heat of the summer, ready for the chill of the winter.

I really love seeing leaves from trees change colour and seeing them fall to the ground, that is the most tell tale sign for me that summer has left us for another year.

I remember in my childhood I would wait all year for one particular part of the year. Conker season where myself and tons of other kids would throw sticks at conker trees for hours on end and leave with about 5 conkers to show for our hard work. I’d then have my dad drill holes delicately through my prized conkers, thread string through them and put clear nail varnish over them to protect their shells (because the nail varnish protected them from being broken… right?!). Next day at school was battle day, each break time would be conker fights… each evening I’d return home from school a conker or two down.

Now I’m a parent, I want to pass on my love for all things conkers. I want to relive my youth and spend hours throwing sticks at trees to claim my reward. My kids are really up for this too and I am proud. But we have faced a problem…

ConkersThere’s just TOO many conkers about!

Now I know some of you will be thinking “we;; you didn’t grow up there”. True, I moved here originally 9 years ago nearly now but my husband has lived here all his life and remembers trips to both these trees in the middle of no where in the country side and a tree in our local town. All the trees never had conkers just lying around like this, it was always a battle to get conkers mainly by throwing sticks.

Conkers 1

The amount of conkers we have now collected over the space of a week is mental, today for example with filled a bucket. Yesterday as you can tell we collected a good amount at the tree in town. This never use to happen!

Unfortunately for this I am going to blame 21st century technology, parenting and also schools.

As kids, I didn’t sit playing computer games on PC’s or tablets all day. I enjoyed outings, outings I want my kids to enjoy. Yes ok my kids can operate my tablet computer better than me but their time is very limited. I want my kids to experience ways I was raised, get mucky, collect conkers and learn how to have conker fights. I am so proud they share my love for conker picking, its such a shame that we don’t need to throw a stick at a tree… but hey, its safer I suppose!

I also blame schools, my reason for this? Conkers are banned from the playgrounds… too many accidents, hit fingers I suppose. Conkers have become a thing of the past as its now deemed unsafe to whack a conker.

Conkers 2

Another reason I have enjoyed our outing today to collect conkers is that with every gust of wind which hit the tree more and more conkers fell, fresh from their branch to the floor… we were quite often playing “dodge the flying conker” or just praying they weren’t going to hit us. It was quite funny.

But in the meantime, whilst all the kids aren’t collecting conkers… we are. We now have 2 buckets in my yard full of conkers. Ready for ClearlyDaddy to drill holes in ready for our conker battling sessions over the coming weeks.

The kids have thoroughly been enjoying our conker collecting, Lewis has been waiting for this time to arrive all year and he’s really embraced it. Safe to say I highly doubt this will be the end of annual conker hunt, we pass the tree in town daily!


I think I’m going to need more buckets….



**This is a personal post.


  1. shannonagains

    27th September 2014 at 9:41 pm

    I found a fantastic stash of conkers at our local park, and picked up a few – mainly because I think they’re pretty and make a nice autumnal table decoration. (I’m American and playing conkers is definitely a British tradition.) If you have too many, I suppose you could use them for cooking – apparently, they’re great in cakes. 🙂

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      28th September 2014 at 5:56 pm

      Really?! Ive never eaten a conker before… must look into recipes. I’ve only ever used them for conker fights haha. Thanks for the tip x

      1. shannonagains

        28th September 2014 at 8:08 pm

        Oh, maybe you can’t then. I had been told that they were chestnuts… but maybe they aren’t. Definitely look it up first. I might be totally wrong. 🙂

        1. shannonagains

          28th September 2014 at 8:13 pm

          I looked it up a little bit. Apparently, there are different types. Some are safe to eat; others definitely NOT. (eek!) I think if you want to eat chestnuts, it’s best to go to the store and buy some.

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