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It’s A DogDog Tale

Does your child have a special toy which goes everywhere with them and has done for a very long time?!

Both of my children do… From a very young age, both Lewis and Leah has never been far away from their beloved Mr Woof or DogDog.

Lewis was given his Mr Woof for his first Christmas and Leah was given her DogDog when she was born. Both children took a shine to their bears from about 6months+ of age and they have never been far from their side.

DogDog Mr WoofAs Lewis was growing up he was rarely allowed to let Mr Woof leave the house just incase he got lost and if he did leave the house he was only allowed his bear in the pushchair. Lewis always happily accepted it… Leah on the other hand wouldn’t accept this simple rule. If she wanted her DogDog she had to have him there and then!

I love the fact my children have their favourite bears, its always been a god send when they are upset or ill that their bears are there to comfort them. Also I am over the moon they both took shines to bears which could be very easily washed because these two have been very very grubby in the past.


Yesterday as I took my son to meet his school at the cinema for a trip Leah had her DogDog in the pushchair with her, after leaving Lewis Leah and I took a trip into town into a few shops then off to the park to have a play and a lovely morning out. Afterwards once we’d returned home we realised that DogDog was no where to been seen! At some point during the morning Leah has lost her bear, she was mortified!

Before we collected Lewis from school Leah and I returned to town and the park for a frantic search, of which came to no avail. Leah was upset and I was also upset as her teddy was lost, no where to be found and clueless on where he was. Fortunately Leah was tired enough last night to go to sleep soundly, I on the other hand was so upset thinking my child would be traumatised for loosing her comfort toy. I spent more of the night awake than asleep, waiting for Leah to wake and realise her beloved DogDog was no where to be seen!

This morning I gloomily took my son to school again fraught with the fact that I was to either return to town to search or put a “Lost Bear” memo out on Facebook and pray for news as to his whereabouts. Just as I was dropping Lewis at his school room door I received a call from a close friend saying she’d seen a post on Facebook from a woman who had DogDog!! Her children had picked him up in the park and took him home to look after him whilst his owner was found.

DogDog 1I am very grateful to the family who found Leah’s beloved DogDog, she is a very happy tot now and I am a very happy mum!

Gotta love Facebook…

Have your children ever lost a teddy? Did it end with a good result?


  1. Susanne Remic

    29th September 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I’m SO glad you got him back! Luka lost Stomper (his elephant) at Manchester museum and we never found him 🙁 It was a special teddy for us too because we bought it from Bella when she was born, and he loved it to bits. We tried to replace it but its not the same- it was one that was made specially for him. Such a heart wrencher when they lose favourite toys! x x x

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      29th September 2014 at 4:18 pm

      It certainly is… Dogdog has been much cared for since we lost him. Leah’s scared to take him anywhere now, he tends to stay in the house if we go out by foot or he waits for us in the car. I am sorry to hear Luka lost his Stomper :o(

  2. Becky Willoughby

    26th September 2014 at 10:27 pm

    the power of Facebook! glad my 2 never had an inseparable toy

  3. The Ordinary Lovely

    26th September 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Oh my goodness, how wonderful that someone found it and you were able to get it back. My eldest never took to a particular toy but my youngest adores his little Woody from Toy Story. He sleeps right next to him.

  4. farmerswifeandmummy

    26th September 2014 at 7:48 pm

    awwwww that is the cutest story EVER. I bet you were over the moon. We have 2 of Boo’s favourite teddy for occasions such as this. However of the 2, she knows which is her favourite so that didn’t quite work. Lovely, heat warming story.

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