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Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 8

Welcome again to another week over in the Trendy Tot Thursday corner (#TT_Thursday), this week I am sulking… because my holiday went too quickly and I don’t want to be back home. I’m more gutted we’ve been home 6 days already! Honestly, where is time going??

For any newbies who are unaware what Trendy Tot Thursday is about, its a weekly linky hosted by myself and Tina from MotherGeek where you can share your child’s/children’s favourite outfit(s) of the week. There are no restrictions to the outfit(s) (i.e. new, old, borrowed, charity shop bought etc) or age of the children, so long as you are happy we are happy.

For further information please feel free to read the intro post.

I am loving the comments I am getting recently about running this linky, how our children are actually loving being part of this bit of Thursday fun. I was so surprised this week by Olivia from One Frazzled Mum blog who enjoys taking part in this linky so much she made her own video, I am now being left wondering how this is going to be beaten this week?! Also its great to see how Sydney’s (or should I say Tina’s – MotherGeek) love for Little Bird clothing has made it back onto the Trendy Tot scene with a gorgeous Pinafore Dress.

This weeks outfit from us is another outfit worn this time by Leah from when we went to Legoland… I’ve been a bit poor taking photo’s since our return from holiday – I think I just needed a break from the camera, I managed to clock up over 5k of photo’s on holiday… mainly of scenery and places we visited. But here goes…

TT_Thursday Week 8Unfortunately… for now I appear to have shown you all of Leah’s dungaree style outfits, I don’t intend to make this shortage last long and shall be restocking her wardrobe of such items once she has been fully potty trained but for now I need her in outfits which are easy to remove and quickly!

Another of my favourite type of outfits for Leah is for her to wear shorts/tights mix. They look so casual and comfortable too. Both Leah’s t-shirt and shorts are from ASDA, the t-shirt I bought for her back in the spring which I think was £4 whilst the shorts I bought a fortnight ago for £5. The tights were from ALDI in a two pack for £2 (I think) and the shoes are Leah’s primark bargain buys £8 although I think they could easily be mistaken for Clarks!

So now its your turn;

All we ask for in return is for you to spare 5 minutes to share your outfit of the week, grab a badge (below) and pop it on your blog post. Once you have linked up simply share the love for #TT_Thursday and comment on other blog’s which have linked up.

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  1. Tina Bailey

    3rd September 2014 at 9:26 pm

    LOVE this outfit! Leah is definitely queen of denim!! #TT_Thursday

  2. Sanna / Wave to Mummy

    29th August 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Shorts and tights look really cute together 🙂 Found this while blog hopping and looking at baby ootd posts, so linked up as well 🙂

  3. teentweentoddler1

    29th August 2014 at 8:15 am

    Leah is so pretty! I love shorts and tights combo x

  4. tracey bowden

    28th August 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Thank you for the mention, she really loves taking part as she is such a show off and a big poser (as you can probably tell!) I love tights and shorts combo’s Leah looks so cute in them too! Asda have such good kids clothes I love it in there x

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