My Summer Bucket List 2014 : One Month On

Back at the end of June I set myself a personal challenge, following on from some blog posts from other bloggers over the years. I thought this would be a great idea, some achievements to focus on. A Summer Bucket List.

I planned to blog about this Bucket List monthly and provide regular feedback on my achievements. But I need to admit that this post is about 10 days late now and being complete honest… I forgot! That’s a bad start eh?!

So to recap on my full list feel free to read my original post, although you will find an updated list below with achievements crossed out.

Bucket List Summer 2014 - Month 1As you can see in this first month I have only managed to complete 3 of my targets, these I will talk about soon. But for now I want to talk a little bit on some part-achievements;

1. Reaching my 12st weight target. This target may be a little too excessive for me, I am terribly weak, so soft at the knees for crisps, chocolate and biscuits. And since planning my Summer Bucket List I have so far lost the total of 4lb! – I may need to admit defeat and write this one as a fail!

4. Going on Holiday – We have actually planned for 5 days away starting the 18th August, how much of a “break” I get is yet to be seen… We are going to Legoland and Harry Potter (Warner Bros Studios, London). Something tells me I’ll be more knackered when we get back.

5. Taking good photos – This will remain work in progress, something I am working on pretty much daily.

13. Camping – I have a major flaw with this… The kids broke the tent. I planned the event, got the tent out to air, set it up in the garden… kids and dog jumped all over it and wrecked it. Now the tent has gone.

19. Decorate bedrooms – This has nearly been completed, Leah’s room is complete, mine just needs glossing.

20. Looms Bands – Wow these are STRESSFUL, I just can’t grasp it… As I type ClearlyDaddy is sat next to me playing with the bands and board.

Achieved So Far

6. Go to the beach – Near the end of June Lewis and I had a review opportunity in Blackpool for Cirque Du Hilarious and before our show we went to the beach!

Summer Bucket List - Beach

7. Have a BBQ – This is something I don’t think our summer will be short of… but this was a special BBQ as it was at my parents, somewhere I don’t get to go very often. Summer Bucket List - BBQ

11. Have a water fight – We’ve had lots of fun having water fights over the past few weeks, especially with the weather being so gorgeous!

Summer Bucket List - Water Fight

I’ll run another update at the end of August.


**This is a personal post and personal challenge.

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