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A Party At London Zoo With Xeno

Last Thursday whilst on our family holiday we were invited to attend a Press Event at London Zoo to meet a new creature who is rather set to take the toy world by storm this Christmas.

Introducing to you Xeno;

Zeno 1Xeno is available in three colours, and is a huggable, loveable and rather amusing creature who craves attention and fun. He can be used as a lone creature, can communicate with other Xeno creatures or even looked after by using an interactive app which is available to download for free on android or apple tablets or phones.

Zeno 2Xeno has 10+ interactive emotions to either share with you or his companion so you will always know if he’s hungry, sad, playful and more. He also has over 50 different eye expressions, and 80 tailor made sounds. We did struggle to hear his sounds at the event due to the noise of the other guests, and there is no volume up or down selections. From what I could tell his noise was fairly low so he will not glare noises across a house all day long.

There were a couple of features my children were especially fond of;

  • Lewis was really impressed with Xeno’s ability to chat to his friends, make funny eye movements and also burp.
  • Leah loved how Xeno danced to Gangnam Style which is one of her favourite songs on ClearlyDaddy’s phone at the moment. We were even more thrilled when we tested Xeno out dancing on his head, this took Leah into a fit of giggles!
  • Xeno features interactive points on his body, by either stroking his head, tickling his hands, rubbing his hands and feet or feeding him by putting your finger in his mouth.

All in all our time with Xeno was fab, he really made an impression with my kids and Leah was really gutted not to be able to take her new friend home with us. I think I can guess what will be at the top of her Christmas list this year!

The only qualm i have regarding Xeno is his nose… I’d be so much happier if we could perhaps remove the green bogey protruding from his nose but my kids weren’t at all bothered about this so I can see this is something kids like?!

For more information regarding Xeno, feel free to pop over to the Flair webpage.

After attending the event launch we were then give free access to London Zoo for the remainder of the day to enjoy what’s on offer.

Zeno 3

**This is not a sponsored post, we attended a Press Event for Xeno at London Zoo and enjoyed our day out. All words and opinions are my own.

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