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Mooshka Myra’s Birthday : App Review

Are you looking for cute app inspiration, suitable for young girls that isn’t trashy but enjoyable whilst also educational? An app I have come across recently is Mooshka, Myra’s Birthday. Its free to download from Google Play Stores.

Mooshka 1This is a storybook app, aimed at young children about friendship. Mooshka were once paper doll friends with the magic of friendship and holding hands they became sweet, huggable girls. Mooshka are soft dolls, each have their own unique name, birthdate and personaility.

Mooshka 4

This app is based on one character’s special day, its Myra’s birthday and she is celebrating it with all her friends. You can choose to read the story with the app or have the app read the story to you, ideal for the younger child or a child starting off on their reading journey.

Mooshka 2

The graphics are really colourful to this app, which coincide well with the overall theme of Mooshka and the characters bear a spot on resemblance to the soft toys.   Mooshka 3

At the end of the story you are given the option to read again or play the matching cards game, Leah and I particularly enjoyed helping each other with this game although stuggled matching the characters as they are rather small in the images.

Leah really enjoyed listening to the story for the first couple of times although now appears to be more interested in playing the matching cards game but that said all in all its a great little app, especially as its free.

**This is not a sponsored post, I am reviewing the Free Mooshka app in return for a free doll. All words and opinions are my own.

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