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Ice Lolly Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I was approached with a summer challenge I just couldn’t refuse. My children are lovers of all things ice cold, ice lollies, slushy drinks and ice creams. So when I was asked if I would like to make ice lolly’s with my children I just had to do it!

For our challenge we were provided with a Ice Lolly mould set, a inspirational recipe books and a £10 budget for ingredients.

Ice Lolly Challenge 3

For my regular readers you will already know I am a terrible cook, my presentation skills are diabolical and I’d never make it in the world of being a Food Blogger but this just seemed too much fun to miss out on.

Firstly I must say the recipes in the book are all very yummy looking, the book doesn’t just contain recipes for lolly’s but also ice creams and smoothies this really did leave Lewis and I saying yum at every page.

Ice Lolly Challenge 1The recipe Lewis chose to make was the Sprinkle Top Pop, made with Full fat milk, caster sugar, vanilla essence, clear honey, strawberries, milk chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. To us this was a tricky recipe but we really did it our best shot, we got off to a great start making the milk part of the lolly where we slowly warmed up the milk, adding in caster sugar and vanilla essence. Once all the ingredients had blended together we poured that mixture into the ice lolly moulds and put them to freeze for about 4 hours.

Ice Lolly Challenge 2Next up was the strawberry mixture part of the lolly’s made with blended strawberries and clear honey which is then added on top of the frozen milk mixture from earlier. Insert the lolly mould sticks and put then once again in the freezer.

Once the strawberry part had set it was time to whip out the chocolate, sprinkles, dip our lollies and get munching. Unfortunately this is where things went ever to slightly wrong. During the freezing process of the strawberries my rather excited 5 year old (without me watching) showed his Dad what we were making and didn’t put the lolly sticks back in properly but with a bit of luck we managed to get 3 good lollies from the moulds. Lewis then had tons of fun dipping the lollies in the melted chocolate, sprinkling the sprinkles and tucking into his home-made lollies.

Ice Lolly Challenge 4

We both had great fun making the lollies and then tasting them, we will be attempting the recipe again very soon and hope to get a better looking end result.

Afterwards I used a couple of ingredients I have in the cupboard to make a Banana Burst smoothie, made with Coconut milk, banana and maple syrup. Gorgeous!!!

Ice Lolly Challenge 5

**This is my entry to the Creative Ice Lolly Challenge with Skye Cottages.

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