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Vileda – Cleaning Up With Vileda : Review

Shortly before our holiday I was sent some products fabulous products from Vileda to help get my house ship shape and sparkly clean. For people who know me well they can most likely agree I do like my house to be neat and clean. But since moving to a larger house and owning our blog dog I have let standards slip somewhat.

But now I have been able to reignite my OCD for cleaning with this fab cleaning bundle for me to try out.

Vileda 1I am now going to talk you through each product we were sent;

Vileda 2Fresh Dish Brush – Ideal for scrubbing baked on foods off baking trays, and with the built water flow channels this is perfect and so easy to rinse and keep clean. The Fresh brush also promotes silver ions in the bristles, which helps keeps bristles hygienic. This product has an RRP of £2.49.

Vileda 3Microfibre Soft Dust Cloth – This has been one of the largest lifesavers, as not only is it a dust-cloth, it also holds more dust than standard dusters, it also holds pet hairs which is ideal for a moulting dog. But it is also fantastic at clearing away the greasy finger prints from my children on the TV. This product is machine washable, can be used time and time again without losing its cleaning performance and has an RRP of £1.99.

Vileda 4Style Sunsplash – No home is complete without one of these. This cloth is an all purpose cloth, can be used for cleaning dishes, surfaces, floors, spillages… you name it. Growing up as a child and since living in my own properties I never had the usual cotton cloth, we’ve always had these. They are SUPER absorbent, perfect for my two children and mopping up spillages. The Style Sunsplash cloths are also long lasting and very durable, with an RRP of £1.19 for a pack of two they really are fab!

Vileda 5Style Dish Cloth – This cloth is made from a mixture of fibres, thus making the cloth more rugged and durable. Again this cloth can be used for dishes and wiping down surfaces. Although I really don’t think it is as absorbent as the all purpose cloths but still a great cloth for having in the house. The pattern on the cloth is also very eye catching. Also like most of the other Vileda products the Style Dish Cloth can also be machine washed and used time and time again. With an RRP of £1.19 for a pack of two they are good value.

Vileda 6Active Wave Non Scratch Scourer – These sponges come in a pack of two, and promote a non scratch top coating perfect for washing baked on foods. Unlike most conventional sponges these will not remove the special Teflon coating of pots and pans and are also ideal for delicate surfaces. With an RRP of £1.19 for a pack of two the Active Wave sponges are a bit more expensive than sponges I have bought in the past (I buy the really cheap sponges) but I have been converted!

Vileda 7Microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen Cloth – Now this product says “kitchen” but I have also used this in the bathroom, its been great at scrubbing the glass for the shower cubicle as its double sided. One side is the microfibre great for polishing and the other has scrub particles (powerzones) ideal for scrubbing away lime-scale (on my shower glass) and hard particles on surfaces. Again the Kitchen Cloth can be machine washed, comes in a pack of 1 at an RRP of £2.49

All 3 of these products have been lifesavers (house savers) in their own way, ideal for making the task of cleaning just that bit easier and more quicker.

Whilst I have got your attention I just want to remind you that Vileda are holding a ‘Floor Miles’ Competition. Simply collect your Vileda wrappers and send them in to win your chance for a family holiday (up to 4 people) to Tenerife! Head over to my previous blog post ‘Clean Up With Vileda Floor Miles : Competition‘ for more information and entry details.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was sent the product cleaning range from Vileda to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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