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Trendy Tot Thursday – New Linky

I have been thinking of joining the linky community for a while, in fact, my original idea for this linky I am about to introduce came to me back in March during my daughters 2nd birthday! We were sent a gorgeous outfit from the Baby K range at Mothercare a dress which Leah has worn lots as I think it is absolutely beautiful.

Since then the thought of setting up a linky has eaten away at my mind, would it work? is it a good enough idea? would people want to join in? And the answer I came up with was Yes, I think it would work and you would all want to join in. Its a simple concept and a brilliant way to show off your child’s latest or best outfit! Who doesn’t love a wee bit of bragging eh?

So here goes;

With my co-host, Tina from MotherGeek we are setting up a weekly linky where you can share yours or your child’s favourite outfit of the week – we are naming it Trendy Tot Thursday.

TT ThursdayNow even though the linky is called Trendy “Tot” Thursday, it is not locked down to just tot’s it is for children of any age or gender. Whether it is your child, your friends, niece/nephews, cousins – its open (with obvious parental consent).

In the linky you share the favourite outfit your child has worn this week, perhaps you recently bought a gorgeous dress, cutest of cute dungarees, outfit set, dressing up costume, this is the place to share it with everyone and basically show it off. If you want to share where the outfit was bought from and the price you are also more than welcome, EVEN if it was a £1 bargain from a charity shop (from time to time this will be my entry – I ♥ charity shops!!).

It doesn’t even have to be a new outfit, you could have bought it years ago for your child to grow into and now he/she is finally wearing it… share it!

There really is no limit.

For example, this is the outfit which sparked my interest in setting up this fab new linky;

TT TuesdayAs I mentioned earlier this is an outfit from the Baby K Range at Mothercare. The dress (In March) was priced at £25, socks £4 and canvas boots £12.

How simple but also exciting to see other gorgeous outfits?

Trendy Tot Thursday linky will be starting from THIS Thursday 10th July at 00:01, and will remain open until 23.59 Sunday.

It will be a weekly linky!

 Feel free to grab yourself a badge;

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

We look forward to seeing your link-ups soon!!

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