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BRITAX BOB Revolution Pro : Review

As a family of four… 5 if you include the “blog-dog” we love going out on big adventures, over all terrains and heights. We have always lacked in a pushchair which would meet our off-roading needs, a pushchair which has huge wheels and won’t get stuck at every lump and bump. Until now…

Over the past 4 weeks we have been putting a great new pushchair to the test, the BOB Revolution Pro in Black from BRITAX. This pushchair is designed to be a joggers dream, ideal for parents who want to get running again after the birth of baby or families which love exploring in all terrains that a normal pushchair wouldn’t manage.


  • Open size; 87cm x 64cm x 117cm
  • Closed size; 84cm x 64cm x 30cm
  • Weight; 12.8kg
  • Suitability; 6m+ to 17kg (approx 3 years of age) or suitable from birth with infant carrier/carry-cot which can be purchased separately.

Included in the box in the chassis of the pushchair, 2 rear wheels and 1 front wheel. There is no rain-cover included, this also can be purchased separately.



The construction of the pushchair is really simple, simply slot the rear wheels in the hole and lock in place with the silver lever, the front wheel simply slots in the clips and tightens in place with the easy to use hand bolt on the other side of the wheel.

Then to remove the wheels again simply undo the silver lever at the rear wheel, press the red button and the wheels easily slip out. The front wheel, unloosen the bolt and remove the wheel.



The BOB Revolution Pro really is an offroaders/joggers dream.  This is the only pushchair of its kind with a swivel front wheel, the front wheel doesn’t offer suspension though as the rear wheels carry majority of the weight which they need the support. Although the suspension can be tightened up to create more of a solid ride.

The front wheel can be locked into “Sport” mode to create a non swivel setting or leave it on “City” mode for its everyday swivel feature. With the front wheel locked on “Sport” mode you can also adjust the tracking to keep you in a straight line.

The hood is huge, in fairness it features a double hood. Half deployment is to a standard hood for an everyday stroller or full deployment provides a perfect shield from the suns rays. The wrist strap (when worn) is perfect for when off running, or even walking, this will prevent the pushchair from rolling away. The wrist strap also doubles into a lock strap (this will be explained later).

The pushchair features two brakes, the usual foot brake down by the rear wheels and also a running brake which you will find on the foam handle. Ideal for slowing the pushchair down if needed or extra support for going downhill.

The basket is ideal, easily accessible and high enough from the path too, to protect from different terrains.


Seat Unit

The BOB Revolution Pro comes equipped with a 5 point padded harness and adjustable back using the straps either side of the seat to allow for your chosen seating position. (up to 70° from vertical)

Now, you’d think with having a pushchair of this size and with all these fancy capabilities that the seat unit would be huge… well it is, kind of… its wide (37cm) but it certainly isn’t tall, it’s only 43cm tall!!!

Leah is now aged 2 and 5 months, weighing in at about 13kg and is too tall for this pushchair as you can tell by the photo below. With the hood folded back it makes for some very uncomfortable seating for her as she needs to either sit bolt upright or risk having a strained neck. Or with the hood fully extended she can just about sit comfortably. The only problem with this is that she doesn’t really like having the hood over her.

BOB 6Folding & Storage in Vehicle

The BOB Revolution Pro is an absolute doddle to fold (follow the photos below on the right), either side of the handles are two black clips, press these and this will fold the seat unit. Once this is folded you will be greeted by this black and red cable, give this a good yank and lift the pushchair off the floor, this will cause the wheels/base to fold in on itself. Then to secure the closure use the red clip on the wrist strap and the red clip located by the basket. Et Voilà, one folded but rather stocky pushchair.

Aas you can see by the photos the BOB Revolution Pro is very large, it really does need a large boot. To create a bit more space (using the instructions above) you can remove the wheels, as you can see this practically gives you double the amount of space.


Out and about!

So here’s the bit I’ve been dying to tell you about… We have taken the pushchair on quite a few outings now and it is extremely versatile, it really does feature everything you should need from a stroller of this type. We are thoroughly enjoying our trips out, this pushchair has literally opened up our off-roading adventures to us. The BOB Revolution Pro has been over all terrains imaginable, easily pushed up some shallow steps, been through forests, puddles, rickety bridges and easily taken on sudden changes of flooring. I think it is easily said, BOB will tackle and achieve anything!

With the pneumatic tyres this makes for super easy pushing, especially when the rear wheels are 16″ and the front wheels are 12½ and given the terrains we have ventured over the tyres are not easily punctured as we still have 3 perfectly inflated tyres.


The BOB Revolution Pro I would really recommend to an active family where walking/running/off roading would be a regular occurrence and the need of a pushchair of this type is paramount.

BOB is available in 3 different colours, Black, Wilderness & Red and with an RRP of £435 we feel this is of an ideal value for the type of pushchair this is. It’s just a shame there is no raincover provided.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a BOB Revolution Pro to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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