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Banishing the Summer Holiday Blues with Roberts Bakery

Back at the beginning of June, Lewis, Leah & I attended a bloggers picnic at Delamere Forest with Roberts Bakery. At this event we were demonstrated through making 4 delicious sandwiches, perfect for picnicking or even getting the kids involved in making their own lunch.

Roberts Bakery - Part 2 (1)

Now with the summer holidays upon us we have been given the task of sharing some great day ideas as well as more delicious sandwich ideas. Simply head over to the Roberts Bakery – 50 Days Of Summer web-page to get some great ideas.

Supplied on this web page are two downloads, providing 50 great day out ideas as well as a good supply of fab sandwich ideas.

Roberts Bakery - Part 2 (2)

Please take a moment to read this press release a long side reading up about some fab days out ideas.



Put the fun in sun with free-to-download guide

Calling all parents – your summer holiday little helper is to hand!

Keep boredom at bay with 50 Days of Summer, a day-to-day guide to keeping kids entertained throughout July and August – not forgetting the inset days.

Created by the UK’s fourth biggest bakery, Roberts Bakery, the free to download pack is brimming with inspiration on a budget, from far-flung days out to local favourites and classic back garden games – not forgetting indoor fun for when the great British weather lets everyone down.

Available at, the unique booklet also includes inventive picnic-friendly recipes designed by acclaimed nutritionist Dr Carina Norris (C4 Turn Back Your Body Clock, author of fourYou Are What You Eat books).

Invented to be 50 per cent fun and 50 per cent healthy, the sandwich collection includes creations such as Get Clucky, Nutty Nana and Strawberries & Cream and is ideal for packing your little angels with fun-filled fuel.

Beginning on 19th July, the pack will provide daily advent calendar-style treats. Roberts Bakery will be sharing the day’s top pick on and on twitter @roberts_bakery.

Tim Wild, commercial director of Roberts Bakery, comments: “It’s not easy being a parent. We all love the summer holidays because it spells quality time with our kids -but the inspiration pot can quickly run dry with ideas that are affordable. 50 Days of Summer aims to give parents a helping hand.”

Roberts Bakery is the UK’s fourth largest bakery, rolling out 2m loaves each week distributing to all major retailers including Co-Op, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, ASDA

Tesco, Ocado and Costco.

**This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. redrosemummy

    28th July 2014 at 12:08 pm

    I think any tips for the Summer Holidays are useful and this is a really good list, especially for creating more exciting lunches. Thanks for linking up to #WHWH

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