Swizzels Matlow : Love Hearts Competition

I would like to take a moment to share with you a fab competition from Swizzels Matlow, makers of “Love Heart” candy. Giving you the chance to design your very own Love Heart. 10 lucky winners will then be chosen and have their special message printed onto rolls of Love Hearts and will also get to visit the Swizzels Matlow factory whilst the sweets are being made!

Feel free to read the content below from Swizzels, and enter using the links below.

Competition ends 31st August 2014.


Love Hearts

Love Hearts 60th Anniversary

Can you believe that Love Hearts have been around for 60 years? Whether they make you think of innocent playground romance or the smell of stepping into your nearest sweet shop, there is just something about Love Hearts that goes hand in hand with nostalgia. To celebrate the birthday of this iconic British brand, Swizzels Matlow are giving fans of Love Hearts the opportunity to design their very own Love Heart. Whether you want to surprise a special someone on their birthday, give it to your child (or yourself!) for Christmas or simply surprise a friend who needs cheering up, this is sure to be an amazing gift. 10 lucky winners’ messages will be chosen and put in future rolls of Love Hearts- you’ve got to admit, that would be pretty cool to see next time you hit the confectionery aisles!

Entering is easy! You can do it on Facebook: or on their website:

You can also Tweet Swizzels if you have any questions about the competition or Love Hearts! @SwizzelsMatlow

Some LOVELY facts about Love Hearts:

  • A Sculpture of a Love Heart was placed in the Millennium Dome as it was chosen as an icon of the 20th Century.

  • Swizzels Matlow launched a celebration pack of Love Hearts in honour of Prince William’s 21st Birthday.

  • The messages evolved over the years with ‘Fax Me’, ‘Page Me’ ‘Text Me’ and ‘Luv Me 24/7’ being added in 1999. They were dropped a few years later when pagers and fax became less popular.

**This is not a sponsored post, this is a great competition shared to me from Swizzels which I want to share via my blog.

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