My Summer Bucket List 2014

Over the past 14 months of my blogging life I have from time to time come across blog posts where bloggers pledge to meet certain targets set by themselves over the coming/arrived season.

I have decided to challenge myself to do the same, where I will regularly document my failures/achievements – I put failures first as I fear there will be more of them than achievements!

Here is my Summer Bucket List 2014

Bucket List Summer 2014 Some of my targets sound really fun, things I know we will enjoy doing as a family and also make some great content to blog about. With a target of 3 months to complete them all this seems really practical for the summer months.

Other targets are more personal to me, like loosing weight and having my belly button re-pierced. Also I really want to find out about the loom band craze, Lewis really wants to buy some of the kit so I can make him bands.

I look forward to blogging about my Bucket List adventures.



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