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50 Days Of Summer Bloggers Picnic With Roberts Bakery

Last Friday the kids and I were invited over to Delamere Forest, Cheshire for the 50 days of summer bloggers picnic. Hosted by Roberts Bakery we were introduced to the new White & Wholemeal thick sliced bread and also some new rolls which are being released soon. We were able to create some lovely sarnies ready to eat for our picnic with the help of Karol, Anetter and Mags from the Bakery.

Roberts Bakery 1

The new Roberts 50% White 50% Wholemeal is their new tasty but also healthy loaf.

  1. The bread contains protein, complex carbohydrates, calcium, iron and B vitamins – thiamin, niacin and a little riboflavin.
  2. Bread provides more protein, iron B vitamins and complex carbohydrates per penny than any other food.
  3. It is the major source of fibre in our diet, providing a quarter of our daily intake.
  4. All white bread in the UK is fortified with calcium because of mandatory flour fortification laws.
  5. It contains very little fat and virtually no sugar.

During the event the children were entertained by Ian Douglas, storyteller. Leah was happy to go along, sit under the tent and join in the story’s whilst Lewis (aged 4) wanted to make his own lunch!

Roberts Bakery 2

We were demonstrated through making 4 different inspirational sandwiches;

First Up The SLT

SLTMade using our tasty rolls, the SLT’s with a twist of the original BLT’s these sandwiches were made up of;

  1. Sausages – For this recipe we used a healthier alternative Vegetarian Sausage
  2. Greek Yoghurt & Mayonaise – mixed together and used as a replacement to margarine.
  3. Tomato & Little Gem Lettuce

These really did make lovely sandwiches, and were Lewis’s favourite from the event. Leah briefly joined us during this session, mainly to steal a bread roll… she couldn’t wait for her picnic!

Sunshine Sandwich

SunshineUsing 2 slices of 50/50 bread, cut each slice into rectangles and then on the piece which will be your top cut 3 holes, like a traffic light. With a mix of carrots, raisins and cheddar cheese all together layer some out on the bottom slice. Then add the top slice and fill the holes.

In our original instructions the cheddar cheese was suppose to be sunflower seeds but neither myself or Lewis are keen on these seeds and are avid lovers of cheese so replaced to our taste. The replacement made for a lovely sweet & savoury sandwich all rolled nicely into one.

Strawberries & Cream

S&CAgain with two slices of bread, cut them into your desired shapes and also cut a small peep hole in your top slice. Smother your bottom slice in cream cheese and layer your sandwich up with rocket leaves, strawberries and black pepper (for a tasty twist).

Nutty Nana

Nutty NanaThis comical sandwich is perfect for any young/old lover of peanut butter! Unfortunately we are not lovers of this at all but we certainly had fun making this cheeky sandwich.

Its best if you have a monkey face cutter, and also an oval for his mouth. Smother the bottom layer in peanut butter, cut some bananas up use for his eyes and also to hide behind his mouth. Place the oval on the bananas and decorate the mouth piece with either more peanut butter or honey to sweeten it up.

Lewis didn’t want to use honey or peanut butter so made himself his monkey sandwich with just bananas.

Picnic Time

After making all of our sandwiches, we were then invited down to the story tent to eat our sandwiches whilst Ian told us a great story about bread and then the children acted out another great story afterwards.

PicnicWe had a fab time at the event, the weather stayed on our side, briefly threatened to rain but listened to our pleads to stay away. I really enjoyed my Strawberries and Cream Sandwiches, Lewis loved the SLT and the Sunshine Sandwich.


The event finished just after 2pm and to continue with our day out and the lovely weather I decided to treat the kids to ice creams and a walk around the forest. We were joined by Wendy and her family from Inside The Wendy House. We enjoyed a lovely walk, the kids enjoyed all playing together, jumping in streams and wandering through the forest. Leah absolutely loved her new friend Kizzy & Ella. Kizzy enjoyed talking with Leah to help with her speech, getting her to say tree whilst Lewis and Freddie enjoyed running off ahead, jumping in puddles and just being typical boys.

ForestWe intend to revisit Delamere Forest in the near future with ClearlyDaddy and Teegan to enjoy a more thorough wander and a family day out.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were invited to Delamere Forest with Roberts Bakery. All words and opinions are my own.

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