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MyStyle Craft Super Loop Bands : Review

Last week I was approached to review a fashion product aimed at children 8+. Now my regular readers will know I don’t have a child aged 8+ yet, BUT my neighbour does! So I invited Miss M round to play with me, to create some gorgeous bracelets with myStyle Craft and Super Loop Bands.


125 coloured silicone loops, available in 5 colours

5 “S” hooks

Instruction manual.

Miss M really couldn’t wait to get to work. Firstly we hit instruction manual, to make a bracelet suitable for her to wear we were recommended to use 21-25 hoops so she chose 3 colours and set to work. By bending the hoops in half they create loops suitable for hooking around the “S” hook and then feeding other hoops through to create the perfect bracelet.

To finish the last hoop attach your hoop to the other side of your “S” hook and there you have it. You can add more hoops if necessary and the bracelets also stretch for easy and comfortable fitting.

Miss M then decided she wanted to make Leah a bracelet which she loved and then also moved onto trying to make a ring. There are quite a few possibilities for different bands to be made and they are also easy to disassemble so that new patterns can be made.

With an RRP of £9.99 for a set which can be used over and over again I really do think its getting your moneys worth of a creative set.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were sent a Super Loop Bands kit to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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