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BRITAX KING II LS Car Seat : Review

We are really loving working with BRITAX to share exciting news, updates and information on product releases. So much so, we are really pleased to share this fab new car seat with you, the KING II LS in Black Thunder.

Even before I was able to take a photo of this new arrival, Leah had sat in it in the hallway of my house and her brother had strapped her in. Later in the day when ClearlyDaddy was home from work I had the chance to take some time with the new car seat, have a fiddle about and install it into our car.

Upon installation of the seat into our car I was incredibly surprised how simple it was to clip in whilst also ensuring the seat was adequately tensioned into place using the new patented seat belt tensioning system.

All you need to do is lift the seat from the base using the grey button on either side of the seat, feed both the waist & shoulder parts of the seat belt through the red hooks and clip the seat belt into the car clip. Then you need to lower the seat back into place, thus tensioning the seat belt to create a perfect fit and safe installation. Lastly hook the remaining shoulder part of the seat belt into the hook behind the BRITAX logo and you are then able to put your child in.

The back of the seat unit has an adjustable headrest, to ensure Leah is at the right setting for the headrest the seatbelts should be at the same height as her shoulders. This ensures secure fitting.

A new feature the KING II LS promotes is the light and sound harness indicator, following the guideline above the indicators should work when tensioning the seatbelt upon putting your child in the car. This can be a fiddly feature, but once the headrest is at an adequate setting the rest should be a doddle.

So there we have it, one installed new and swanky car seat for Leah. If you look closely at the pictures below you will notice that the interior of the vehicles have changed, unfortunately shortly after received our new car seat we suffered a breakdown so we were loaned a courtesy vehicle of which we still have. Our vehicle is a Peugeot 207 estate, the loan car is a teeny tiny Hyundai I10 and I must admit this seat fits perfectly into both vehicles.

Focusing more on the Hyundai, the front seat of the vehicle really didn’t need pulling forward much so ClearlyDaddy didn’t have his knees in the dashboard and the Peugeot seat’s didn’t need altering at all. So all round a perfect fit, perfectly secure, perfectly safe, perfectly perfect…. Simples!

The seat promotes 4 recline settings, perfect for a playing, relaxing and napping toddler. Also the covers are fully washable on a 30c wash.

Leah is really fond of her new car seat, we have since had to use her previous seat in another vehicle of which she really wasn’t happy being in. The KING II LS seat provides plenty of growing space unlike her previous and I am very confident she will be happy to use this seat easily until she is aged 4. The padding is also so comfy in this seat, and also the shoulder straps will be comfortable on her skin during the summer months.

The BRITAX KING II LS is fully exclusing to Kiddicare, with an RRP of £165.00 and free delivery.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was sent a BRITAX KING II LS to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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