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My Blog Is Feeling Neglected…

Recently I’ve struggled for time to blog, well to be honest I’ve struggled for time for all forms of social media.

Mainly this has been because of the school holidays, having 2 children to entertain and a dog to control from eating the kids toys.

Another factor is my new dolls house as I love to sit painting it in the evening or I’m that shattered from the day I just end up flaking out.

And lastly I’ve been dieting and exercising… Well I say exercising I am walking up The Wrekin 2-3 times a week so after that I am definitely flaking out!

I’m hoping now that Lewis is back at school I will find some time and also get some more blog post ideas together. I certainly have bits to share from the holidays.

I really do love blogging, I love typing about adventures, reviewing new and amazing products and also building on my writing skill but when I need to concentrate on life for a few days and don’t get time for blogging I struggle to get back into it.

I highly doubt I’m the only one who suffers like this?! How do you relight your blogging flame?

I am one confused and struggling blogger at the moment.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    9th May 2014 at 9:18 pm

    @clare @ theprettywalrus Haha, funny you should say that… i’m camera shopping! I NEED an SLR in my life!

  2. clare @ theprettywalrus

    9th May 2014 at 9:15 pm

    The only sure fire way I’ve found to rekindle my love for blogging is to walk around with my camera in hand. Once I have a few good photos (generally of the kids!), the words also start flowing again.

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