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Last Night I Joined Slimming World

The time has finally come where I need to address a major factor of my New Years Resolution – my weight.

I am very overweight, infact I have a BMI of obese, I’ve never weighted this much in my life and its spiralling out of control.

Last night I joined Slimming World with a friend who gets married in September, together in total we aim to lose 6 stone before September.

Previously I lost 2 stone with Weight Watchers, 8 years ago and I never came across Slimming World until the past few years. I have a lot to learn about this new diet, having had a chat with the leader, I think this diet will be more manageable and easier to work with around my busy schedule and family.

This morning I received my starter pack for me to have a read on what I can’t eat and what I can eat…. this mornings breakfast of a toasted teacake was my major fail  for today a whopping 9 syns! Tonight we also have a trip to the circus planned so no doubt tea tonight will be unhealthy so with a good read of my books tonight tomorrow will be day 1.

A few things I need to know are;
What breads are safe?
What crisps are safe?
Are all fruits free?
Jacket potatoes, what’s the best way to cook them?

I really am clueless.

I now need as much help and support from you guys, some hints and tips of meals/snacks/drinks to help me lose as much weight as possibly to make me more confident again.


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  1. sian hallewell

    2nd April 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Best of luck, my only advise is that to my mind its all things in moderation and changing habits forever, or once you stop dieting, it will go back on.

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