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Drumond Park Dino Bite : Review

What aged 4 child DOESN’T like dinosaurs?? Does your child like pretending to be a dinosaur, prancing around the house screaming “RAHHHHH” at everything? Or do you have a child who’s hooked on Dinosaur programs and reading books?

For my son, aged 4 nearly 5 he really is a child who loves prancing around screaming “RAHHH” at everything and his fun for doing this has been excelled with the introduction of Dino Bite from Drumond Park.

Aimed at children Aged 4+ and 2-4 players this is a great family game.

The game contains;

5 Blue eggs

5 Red eggs

5 Green eggs

5 Yellow eggs

1 T-Rex

1 Dino Nest

1 Tweezers

1 Dice

and Instructions

Assembly of the game is really easy, simply attach the T-Rex’s feet to the side of the base in the clips and put the dino babys in the next. The Dino Bite also requires 2xAA batteries which are inserted on the bottom of the base (these are not included).

The object of the game is to try and save a dino babies safely hidden away in the nest from the terrifying T-Rex. Using the tweezers you have to lift up the leaf covering the nest, and rescue a dino baby before the T-Rex lunges forward to scare you away from his meal.

Lewis did have a struggle with the tweezers, but as per the instructions, the younger players can opt to play using fingers. Even Leah (aged 2) was really eager to have a play, although she did struggle to accept and obey to the rules but we made it fun for her.

To start the game simply pull the T-Rex back and activate the jungle sound effects using the power switch below the base. Taking it in turns each player has to roll the dice to select which coloured dino baby to retrieve from the nest. Eventually the T-Rex will spot you trying to steal his dinner and he’ll lunge forward, roar at you and scare you away from his dinner. As you can see from the expression on Lewis’s face the T-Rex makes rather sudden movements of which can be slightly terrifying but also very funny. The player with the most dino babies is the winner.

All round this is a great game, thoroughly enjoyed by all… as yet I am yet to win! *BooHoo*

Dino Bite can be purchased from most high street games retailers and has an RRP of £19.99, another fab game which provides much fun and enjoyment. Make sure you get yours soon!


**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a Dino Bite game to play, enjoy and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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