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Then There Was 5….

Today has been a incredibly fun day but now very tiring!

After years of waiting my patience has finally been rewarded with our first ever dog.

Meet Teegan, a male (yes I know with a female name) 4 month old lurcher pup.

We are indecisive about changing his name, purely because we actually like it and he answers well to it.

As a child I never really had pets, I had 2 cats when I was very young and then a hamster but that was the extent of it. My husband on the other hand has grown up around dogs, well to be exact 4 dachshunds.

I’m really nervous about having our dog, mainly because I’m clueless on training but so far things don’t seem too bad. Yes ok we’ve had a couple of accidents but I’m optimistic things will improve rapidly. He’s also very nervous and very young but I will keep on with him and hopefully the future will bring some amazing results.

I’m really looking forward for the half term now as at the moment we are unable to take him out on walks as he’s just had his last round of vaccinations so he’s in the house and garden for a fortnight whilst we hopefully get his training going.

Now the kids have gone to bed Teegan has become more lively, he’s wandering around the house nicely and even found himself his squeaky teddy to play with which he seems to really enjoy chewing and snuggling with.

I’m hoping for a calm night from him, I know this may not be the case but in days to come he will hopefully calm down to our crazy family lifestyle.

So for now I shall bid you all farewell with this gorgeous photo of my Blog Doggy!


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  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    4th February 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Welcome Teegan! Look forward to seeing more of you 🙂 Stella the labrador sends a welcome woof too x

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