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Car Seat Safety Awareness

Last week was car seat safety week, a week to highlight the safety aspects of travelling with children.

I am very fortunate to be currently testing what I think is one of the most safest stage 2-3 car seats currently available.

I’d like to share the below information to you all from BRITAX, this has also highlighted a lot of safety aspects to me as previously my son had recently been travelling on just a booster seat.

Lewis now looks safe, comfortable and happier in the car. I am also now a very happy mummy, knowing I am giving my son the best protection available.



Car Seat Safety Week (27th January – 2nd February) gave us the perfect opportunity and prompt to take a look at how we can best protect our children whilst travelling.

Children are required by law to be in a car seat until they are 135cms tall or 12 years old – whichever comes first. When they are older, from the age of 4 years (or 15kg) onwards, they can be moved to an adult seat belt and sat on a booster seat. However, while they may seem like they are a ‘big girl or boy’, the safety of the seat remains of paramount importance to protect your child in the event of a collision.

Car Safety Week claims that Britain’s roads are busier than ever with 29 million cars on the roads recorded in 2012 and despite having one of the best road safety records in the world, six people die every day on UK roads as 24% of collisions sadly result in a death.  They also claim that 100,000 people are being caught on a yearly basis for drink driving, so keeping your loved ones safe needs to remain a top priority when travelling.

BRITAX want parents to focus on the final stage of car seats children will need – Group 2-3, booster seat used with an adult seat belt.  They will be in this seat for the longest period of time, so it is important that the seat is robust and the child is comfortable and protected at all times.

However be careful, not all booster seats are the same.  BRITAX do not sell booster cushions as they offer NO side impact protection and side impact collisions are one of the most severe types of collisions on the roads*.  BRITAX only recommend a highback booster seat which offers deep protective side wings and head support.

BRITAX support any initiative which raises the awareness of staying safer on our roads. BRITAX want to protect your child at every stage of their childhood, so choose carefully and invest wisely in your child’s car seat so you can keep them safe at all times.

* Casimir.  Child Car Passenger Fatalities – European Figures and In-Depth Study”, Alan Kirk; Loughborough University, UK; Conference:  Protection of Children in Cars, Munich, 2011.


**This is not a sponsored post. I am posting on behalf of BRITAX to promote car seat safety.

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