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LeapFrog LeapReader : Review

With Lewis now being in school full time he has really come on leaps and bounds with his reading, writing and spelling skills. He loves practising to write but constantly wants me sat with his monitoring him and correcting him. This can be rather time consuming especially in an evening when I have dinners to cook and kids to bath then bed.

To help with this occasional dilemma the people at Leap Frog have some up with a fab “substitute” for me to help with his writing skills, which will then promote his confidence in reading and writing alone.

The LeapReader is multi talented, not only does it assist teaching your child writing skills but it also helps with reading, sounding out of works and letters all in one pen shaped hand-held device. 

Included in the set is the LeapReader pen, USB cable – for charging and data transfer- and a sample book with sample paper for letter skills. There are a whole range of books available for the LeapReader for every stage of your child’s development. 

There are 3 fun modes to the pen;

  • Audio Books: To read books with your pen or have it read a story to your child.
  • Music: To listen to fun learning songs about punctuation, vowels, alphabet and many more.
  • Trivia Fun: The pen is full of really interesting facts for your child to learn, for example; “African elephants have the biggest ears of any mammal” or “What animal eats the most food? The blue whale.

The modes I mention above are all included in your free download when you first connect your LeapReader to a PC, there are many more available packages available for download afterwards.

The sample book contains 1-2 page samples of children’s favourite characters, our favourite is from the film Cars, with Lightening McQueen. There are appearances from Cinderella and also Leapfrogs own characters. There is also samples of older children’s books, including science and all about the human body.

When reading Audio Books there are various options to help with reading skills from;

  • Saying words, sounding words and spelling words by pressing the green, yellow or red diamonds on the bottom of a page.
  • Read the current page by pressing the purple page icon at the beginning of the page.
  • Playing a game by pressing either the green or orange stars at the bottom of the page.
  • Or repeat the current page or stop the page to take a break.

Lewis really enjoys the writing aspect of the LeapReader set, and quickly used up the sample sheet received in the pack. We then went out to purchase a number book to practise more of his writing skills.

To practise your skills simply press the orange star the bottom of the particular page and follow the instructions, firstly by tracing the coloured line, then the dashed (uncoloured) line and then lastly on your own.

The paper sheets unfortunately are not reusable and I have been unable to source any “top-up” packs. So to get more practise sheets I’d have to buy the pack again which isn’t cheap at all (£15.00 RRP).

Overall this is a great set, and a great step up from the Leapfrog TAG which Lewis had as a toddler and now Leah uses. The LeapReader is also compatible with the original TAG books.

The LeapReader is available to buy at most high street toy stores priced at £39.99 RRP and direct from Leap Frog.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a LeapReader to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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