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Is It Time For Sweets Yet Mummy….?

This is a question I am faced with pretty much EVERY morning “Can I have sweets now Mummy?” or “It’s nearly 9oclock, sweet time soon Mummy”.

A rule I invented only recently (following Lewis asking for sweets at 7.30am on a Sunday morning) that there was to be no sugary treats, biscuits or sweets, until after 9am.

This has now sparked Lewis becoming obsessed with the clock, every morning after breakfast he now clock watches for 9am to arrive.

I am now questioning myself regularly, firstly as to if 9am is too early for such treats (??) and secondly how do I continue teaching Lewis how a clock works and how to tell the time.

I’ve had a look into buying Lewis his first watch, but this has left me rather confused as there are so so many watches for children. Which watches are good looking to entice my son to wear it but also educational so it will help him learn the time. Having shopped around a little, I have limited my choices down to these two from The Watch Hut;

The left one (Tikkers Childrens Strap Watch) looks perfect for any young child, with its bright and easy to understand watch face. It also looks robust, doesn’t look like it’ll get easily damaged.

But my overall favourite is the right one (Cannibal Time Teacher Unisex Dark Blue Material Strap Watch) as it looks so comfortable for my son to wear and also reminds me of the watch I had as a child.

This certainly will be something I’ll have to sort in the near future… and perhaps moving “treat” time until 10am?


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