Booking Holidays….

This evening I have been searching and searching for Holidays, I will now strongly advise you all…. If you have children in full education forget going away for a holiday during school holidays, unless you want to be completely ROBBED or quite frankly, made of money!

With Lewis being in school we now face the whole “fine” issue for wanting to take my child out of school, my initial answer to this issue was; “I’ll take my son out during term and take the £60 fine and then save hundreds of pounds on the holiday, it’ll be fine!”

Now I am actually at the holiday booking stage, I’m starting to feel rather guilty about thinking like that as Lewis will be missing out on quite possibly vital education but I seriously cannot afford the prices for school holidays.

For example, here are a couple of prices I have gathered together tonight from well known companies offering UK holidays.

As you can quite clearly see, this is a fine example of how companies get away with making their money by charging ludicrous amounts for families who are only able to holiday at certain times of the year. 

What about single parent families, families with non or no income?!

As a result it’s highly unlikely that most families actually take holidays any more, either that or they pay the fine involved to take their children out of school… because lets face it, that’s clearly cheaper right?!


I have a very simple solution to solve this massive problem that families are facing;

The government should force companies to alter their prices so that they are not charging families mental amounts for holidaying during “peak-times”. That way families won’t have to resort to pulling their children out of school during term-time, disturbing their educations, having poor attendance records and getting fined.

Surely this would be a perfect solution to an ever growing problem between parents, schools and holiday companies?!

At this moment in time we are having to forgo a family holiday this year, and for many years to come, due to the costs involved. Although I am tempted to take my son out of school, pay the fine and go on holiday but I can’t bear the thought of the damage to his education. 


**This is a personal “ranty” post – Rant over!

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