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A Look Back On 2013….

I think it’d be fair to say that 2013 is one the best years I’ve had in the 4 years of being a parent. A settled, calm and really enjoyable year. Both Lewis and Leah get on with each other so so well and are growing up REALLY well together.

At the start of 2013 we were settling into our new life nicely, living back in my home town of Leyland, Lancashire. Lewis was starting preschool, ClearlyDaddy was working and Leah and I were getting out and about causing mischief. Soon we were to be stopped in our tracks with the Chicken Pox virus, both children fortunately sailed through their viruses and life continued.

Once viruses were cleared we met up with Tina (MotherGeek), little did we all know this would be the start of kids making great friends, and adults too!

Soon we were then faced with our baby girl’s 1st Birthday, as tradition we hold a small party at home with food, nibbles, couple of games/toys for the kids to play and generally just have a fab get together to celebrate. Unfortunately we were missing some vital members of our family due to snow chaos in the Midlands preventing family from travelling over. But all family soon visited again over the Easter holidays which was lovely.

Later into 2013 I was welcomed into the world of Blogging, with the help of Tina and her husband who created Typedock. I soon attended (very nervously) my first bloggers meet-up two weeks after creating my blog, met some immensely lovely people and had a ball. I have now attended a couple more bloggers meet-ups and also a Blog Conference. Since then my blog has gone from strength to strength and I have become hooked! Even so, with my blog just over 3 months old I registered my own domain and 6 months later saw my blog climb into the top 350 of Tots100 ranks and gain a PR4 before the end of 2013!

Lewis’s birthday was a quieter affair this year, as we were planning a family holiday away so to keep costs down we visited family in the Midlands the weekend before Lewis’s birthday and just had my family over for a birthday meal on the day of his birthday. All in all he had a fab day!

Soon after we were ready to go on holiday, unfortunately a couple of days before our departure Lewis came down with what we thought was bad hayfever and not wanting to let it ruin things we continued with our plans. We initially thought having Lewis by the sea would clear up his hayfever and provide some relief for him, how wrong were we?! Lewis had spent all holiday feeling poorly, sleepy and really unwell, only on one day did he lighten up and we thought we were getting over it until we woke up on the last day on the holiday and greeted by this…

One trip to a walk in medical centre later and we were informed Lewis had quite possibly suffered flu and not hayfever after all. Thankfully after this (and our return home) he made a full recovery!

Important Decision….

After our return from holiday we were faced with a really big and life changing decision. During our years of living in the Midlands, ClearlyDaddy and my Mother In Law had always wanted to go into business together, owning and running a dry cleaning business. Unfortunately during our time there, nothing became available to buy so all hope had been lost and we moved up North.

We were then given the news that a business was available to buy, back in Telford and back to mine and ClearlyDaddy’s original roots when we first got together.

We had to make a quick decision as to whether we stayed put or packed up, again and moved back to the Midlands. Given the chance that the business would succeed well and this being my husbands dream we moved at the end of August. It was also ideal timing as Lewis was just starting school so we were able to move just before he started.

The decision of moving back to the Midlands is not one I took lightly, I’d always dreamt of raising my children in the life I knew, in a town I knew and loved. But sometimes that dream cannot always be what keeps you there, being back in the Midlands with this business gives us some stability and over the years will hopefully look after us.

Since moving we have once again settled down nicely, Lewis is loving school life and Leah and I have found many of playgroups and soft play centres so we are enjoying life and I am enjoying being able to stay at home with my children.

Why don’t you now have a read for my plans for 2014 with my resolutions?!


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    6th January 2014 at 6:09 pm

    @Lisa H Cheers hun, I dont know how on earth I managed it…. i’m still waiting for an email saying “we got your PR wrong, here you are back to N/A!” haha

  2. Lisa H

    6th January 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Wow on PR4 in one year, I’ll be hooking you up for advice! Looks like you had an amazing year, here’s to more in 2014! x

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