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23rd January 2014

Word Of The Week #4

I am taking part of The Reading Residence’s Word of The Week Linky for 2014. The only word I can really think of to sum up this week is;   This week I visited London, the first time in over 10 years and to also visit the Annual Toyfair. I met up with some fab bloggers which I know  ...

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Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker : Review

Firstly came the Chill Factor Slushy Maker, now the makers have progressed on from their success to now release the Ice Cream Maker. We have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to test and review, something I feel my children will absolutely love as they adore Ice Cream. When the  ...

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My Day At Toyfair 2014!

On Tuesday I attended the 61st annual Toyfair held in Kensington, Olympia. This is the first ever Toyfair I have attended as a blogger so didn’t quite know what to expect, I have spent years watching BBC News broadcasting from the Toyfair, wishing to attend and now I have! I attended with  ...

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