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Preparing The House For Christmas

Last night Lewis finally twisted mine and ClearlyDaddy’s arms tight enough to start getting the Christmas decorations out. We had originally planned to do it this Sunday and buy a real tree but we soon realised we really didn’t have the space so we have made do with our artificial one.

As you can see, our tree is mainly decorated with red and silver colours. I do like this colour, we’ve been using it for the past 3 years now. I feel its fresh and crisp, very festive. What colours do you have on your tree?

Are you a person who likes to change the colour of your decorations every year? I’ve read a lot of people do actually buy new decorations every year for a new colour scheme.

We’ve had to put the tree in the children’s playroom and a garland on the fireplace in the living room as our dining room is rather small and won’t seat 6 adults and 2 children on Christmas Day, so we need to move the table into the living room for Christmas Dinner. It’s going to be rather fun but it’s what we’ll have to do to get by our space situation.

I am looking forward to buying the wreath for the front door this weekend, although I am wondering how I will hang it as its a PVC door but I’ll find a way. The wreaths I’ve found are lovely, purchased from a local company who have a stall at our local market on a Friday morning.

I shall also be purchasing a gingerbread train, this shall be the centre piece for the Christmas dinner table. Once we have finished our Christmas dinner will can then nibble away at it. Another item which shall be ordered on Friday at the market.

This year we shall be keeping all presents away from the children, I do usually like storing presents under the tree but with the tree being in the Children’s playroom and Leah only being 20 months old I know she will be opening them at any given opportunity. Until Santa makes his delivery early on Christmas morning all presents will be hidden away…. but Sshhhhhh, don’t tell the Children!


**This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition

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