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LeapFrog Leappad 2 Power : Review

With Christmas only days away, I’ve heard a lot of children are looking for gifts from the technology sector. Especially going from the conversations I’ve been having at the classroom door, of which child friendly tablet computers are a must want item. Especially if your my children, both Lewis and Leah (aged 4 and 1) enjoy playing with my tab, unfortunately though it has taken a bit of a beating and has open content to allow the children to do as they please, it really isn’t children safe.

This is where the new Leapfrog LeapPad2 Power has come to save the day. A step up from its sibling, the LeapPad 2 as it now comes supplied with a rechargeable battery pack supplying up to 9 hours of fun for your child and new fresh design.

The LeapPad was very easy to set up and very easy to use. There is a slot to store your stylus on the side, earphone jack (headphones not included), mini usb adapter slot to update via PC and port to charge. Also there is a slot to insert game cartridges.

With a built in memory of 4gb holding up to 20,000 photo’s or a WHOPPING 70 games this device is ready for anything. Pre installed with basic programs such as calendar, calculator, music player, art studio and Pet Pad. This is a great and fun start to your child’s introduction to the world of tablet computing.

Pet Pad is a fab place to create/customise, play and care for your Leappad pet.

The tab also comes equipped with a front and back 2mp camera, perfect for taking photo’s or recording videos of just about anything.

An app which has really caught my children’s attention is the Art Studio, perfect for creating master pieces of work or just having a good ol’ doodle.

Thanks to having such a fab built in memory of 4gb the App Centre is a perfect place to purchase games and have their stored directly onto your child’s device eliminating the need for cartridges but also giving relatives and friends to purchase cartridge games as gifts.

I have made a couple of purchases from the App Centre for Lewis to try out games. Upon first connection to the PC we were given the option for one free download game, of which we chose Solar Taxi.

Later on I purchased, Lula the Ladybird (Game), Jewel Train (Game), Scout & Friends… and you! (Game) and Thomas the Tank Engine (Video). App’s range in a price from about £3.50 to £20.00 and gift card purchases are available in stores to put credit onto your child’s account.

I think this is also important to mention, no in app purchases or purchases can be made from the Leappad 2 Power as it does not include WiFi connection. Purchases can only be made via connection to a PC and bank account details so there will be no huge bills. This is a relief to ClearlyDaddy and I after receiving a £90 bill a few months ago due to in app purchases.

This fab machine is completely kid tough, and it has been tested on a few occasions already as my son occasionally takes his tab to bed with him of which later on we hear a “thud” from where its fallen to the floor to which there is no damage.

Also if you are out and about and the batteries do run low the rechargeable packs can be removed and replaced with 4x AA batteries, allowing your child extra play. To recharge the batteries simply leave/place the battery packs in your Leappad and plug into the mains using the power adapter supplied, a full charge can take around 2-3 hours giving 9 hours of play. (I have not fully timed a full charge as it’s been charged overnight so far).

Lewis really is really enjoying his new tablet computer and for Christmas he shall be getting a couple more games and a case for it to go in.
Priced at £89.99 from Mothercare/Early Learning Centre and available in either Green or Pink, I think this is a fab price to pay for hours of endless fun for your growing child.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a Leapfrog Leappad 2 Power from Mothercare. All words and opinions are my own.

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