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Hamster Bags : Review

With Christmas fast approaching I have had to make various trips to town to purchase cards, gifts, wrapping paper and various other items with my daughter and the pushchair. For people who know me well, I have specific requirements when it comes to pushchairs as we walk a lot and require adequate shopping space i.e. big basket or hooks to hang shopping from the handle.

The only problem I find with loading my basket is that if I need to fold the pushchair for my return bus journey home I have to unload everything from the basket. As a result I am then lumbered with change-bag, half million shopping bags, a wild 20month old child running riot and then a folded pushchair to get on the bus in one piece.

Recently I have been talking with the lovely people at Hamster Bags of which they provided me with a set of Velcro attachable bags in Black/Grey for our pushchair to test and review.

When I first unwrapped the bags I was amazed how they were tucked into these little (19x19x19cm) pouches, ideal for when the bags are not in use to be stored away.

Fitting to Pushchair

The bags are very easily attached to the frame of my pushchair using the 3 attachments located on the sides of each bag, the top hook stays permanently attached to the bag whilst the bottom 2 are removable for general ease to attach to the buggy.

To ensure that Hamster bags will work with your pushchair, using the diagram below, simply ensure that there are points on your pushchairs frame of which the straps can be installed.



There are 3 pockets to the Hamster Bags, a small pocket on the front, the main large pocket and a smaller mesh pocket also on the inside. Both the “outer” pockets have zips, the inner mesh is not.

A recent design update has seen the bags now to include adjustable shoulder straps, ideal for situations of needing to fold your pushchair and carry the bags. A perfect update as I have carried both bags over my shoulders, without these straps it would probably have been a nightmare!


As you can see on the pictures below, once the bags are in place they do look like the cheeks of a hamster… a very comical product name “Hamster Bags”. When the bags are loaded with shopping or baby changing items they suddenly look like full cheeks. The bags do add a little extra width to your pushchair when loaded and they do NOT cause the pushchair to tip with the added weight, which is fantastic.

These bags are now a permanent fixture to my pushchair, one “cheek” is my daughters change bag carrying nappies, wipes, drink and snacks (as well as my purse, phone and keys) and the second “cheek” carries shopping or my son’s school bags.

Hamster Bags are available to buy direct or from Mothercare, Kiddicare & Amazon. They are available in 3 colours, Black, Black/Grey and Black/Red.

Priced at £24.99 this is a fab price and a product I’d very highly recommend.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a set of Hamster Bags to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


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