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Early Learning Centre Big City Wooden Rail Train Table : Review

For all of my regular readers, this review may come as no shock to you given my children’s obsession. For all of my non regular readers, let me give you a little insight…. my children are train MAD!!! Absolutely and utterly crazily bonkers about trains!

So when we were given the opportunity to review the Big City Wooden Rail Table from Early Learning Centre I had to say yes as my children would never have forgiven me.

This wooden train table promotes the following;

  1. Over 100 pieces, included is all the track, stations, accessories and 2 trains with carriages. Everything in the image above (except the children), all you need for a first set up.
  2. A storage draw, brilliant for storing all of your items.
  3. The mat is a flip mat, one side is for the train set up and the other is a road table.

The set up of the table is simple, with easy to follow instructions. I do recommend to have plenty of space to hand for construction and no small people present as it could become tricky. I had to wait for a quiet time to be able to build, Leah was napping and Lewis was at school so that gave me an hours grace.

Total construction and building of the track took me exactly 55 minutes, during that time I even took a phone call and made a brew. As you can see from the photo’s below, there are plenty of accessories available to turn this table into a thriving track and town. Complete with buildings, trees, road lights, signals and cars.

I find the table very sturdy when fully constructed but certainly wouldn’t take the weight of a child standing on it. Leah has a tendency to climb so I do need to keep an eye on her to prevent damage to herself or the table. Keeping the track set up at all times does prevent her climbing.

Also its a shame this table only has 1 draw, as there is not enough room to store all of the items whilst playing with the car map side. I’ve had to store pieces (sheds, tower and station) under the table to turn the map. 

I think this table is wonderful for any young train and car fanatic and really encourages imaginative play. Lewis has on occasion recreated scenes from his favourite shows and even planted trees on the tracks to cause crashes. Something that causes tons of excitement for Leah.

We have now been living with the Big City Wooden Rail Train Table for nearly a fortnight and I must say it’s been a complete hit more so because all of our other wooden trains are compatible with this track giving more adventures and play. It is continuously played with and I’m confident it will be for a very long time!

With a recommended age rating of 3-8 years I think this is a little high, Leah isn’t even 2 yet and she plays perfectly with it now and thoroughly loves it. There are certainly no bits small enough for her to swallow and the table is at a perfect height for her to play.

I’d also recommend having plenty of room for this table, with dimensions of 40cm(H) x 119cm(W) x 83cm(D) the table actually requires more space for playing and walking around. But this is a very small price to pay for such amazing fun for your children.

Priced at £100, this table I find a fantastic price for what you get. Its well designed, easy to construct, play with, functional and all round good fun. Perfect for any child’s special occasion!

** This is not a sponsored post, I received the Big City Wooden Rail Table to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


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