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Amrose Photography : Review

Ever since I had children, I have wanted to catch every memory on photo. Every smile, every new milestone and every funny moment. I even base my mobile phone upgrades on what camera the new phone has to offer so that I can keep snapping away.

In the 4 and a half years of being a mother to my Son and my 20 month old Daughter I have racked up nearly 20GB of photo’s and videos of my children!

Now I shall be adding some more photo’s to my collection after visiting Amrose Photography.


About Amrose

Set up by Vicky Strongitharm in early 2013, Amrose Photography is growing from strength to strength rapidly. Started as a hobby after the birth her son back in 2008 her love for photography has bloomed into a thriving business.

The children and I were very fortunate to be invited along to attend a Pre Christmas Photo Shoot at Vicky’s house minutes from Baschurch, Shropshire. The lovely photo studio can be easily decorated to suit the tastes of the client/seasons.

Upon arrival at Vicky’s premises we were made to feel very welcome and she immediately set about making friends with my children to make them feel relaxed, this worked a treat as Vicky has children of her own of a very similar age. Lewis rapidly made himself feel at home by asking if he could play with the train track (of which we had no idea if Vicky had one!).

We were then taken through to the studio, set out (as per the picture above) ready for our photo shoot to begin.

Armed with various Christmas items to use during our shoot Vicky immediately started taking photo’s, trying to catch the children in their natural state of play with bells, baubles and various other decorations. She even had the children decorating the tree, getting into the Christmas Spirit, this the children really enjoyed.

Also with having a young child like Leah, who hates posing for a camera, this posed no problems for Vicky as occasionally we managed to catch Leah’s attention for a quick smile. I found Vicky to be immensely patient and calm.

Our photo shoot not only included the set up you see above, there was also a winter scene with a blanket for snow effect and a sleigh to sit on. We chose this as a perfect opportunity for Lewis to use his recently acquired and beloved Henry Reindeer to be part of the photo’s.

(a sample photo provided by Amrose Photography after our photo session)

There was also a rocking horse (of which I was completely unable to get Leah to sit on but would stroke) and various pictures were outside in the garden. A picture I am looking forward to seeing is my children holding hands whilst walking, these types of pictures from my children I absolutely adore!

A truly wonderful photo shoot of which we now have more memories to treasure forever and am delighted to share with a collection of photo’s provided to us from our amazing photo shoot.

These truly wonderful photo sessions start at a really good price of £50, for an 1-2 hour on site location shoot including a 10×8 high quality photo print and a private online gallery for your/family to choose and print your photo’s. For a full price description please visit to Prices page of Amrose.

Amrose Photography also cater for engagement, weddings and even post wedding “Trash The Dress” photoshoots. Something I have never come across before and if I ever fit back into my dress again, I would have to do!!

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Photo session from Amrose Photography to review. All words and opinions are my own.



  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    6th December 2013 at 11:00 am

    @MotherGeek Dog dog couldn’t be left out, I love all the pictures so much! Vicky is actually a northerner by heart, originally from a little village by where we lived.

  2. MotherGeek

    5th December 2013 at 11:05 pm

    I LOVE the photo of L&L walking away, holding hands. Soooooo sweet!
    There are some fab pics!
    Now… when’s Amrose moving “Up North” lol xx
    I had a chuckle @ Dog Dog getting in on the action, too!

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