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The Lego Movie – Competition Entry

As a child I had quite a lot of Lego, enjoyed playing for hours on end. Two sets I particularly remember was a beach set and a fire-station, then I’d pretend there were fires on the beach…. Yes ok, I was young and this was 20 years ago now!

Now I’m a mother, a mother of a 4 year old with NO patience whatsoever. He enjoys Lego, but won’t build anything due to his lack of patience, so que lots of Mummy building time again! The Lego we now own is Technik Lego which ClearlyDaddy has kept since he was in his early teens.

We have spent many of hours sat on the floor building away, but most recently I built Lewis the front cab of a 1993 Technik Lego Forklift Transporter set and with full intention of building the rest but this is VERY time consuming stuff!

To show how time consuming this kit is here are 2 pictures, the first one is an hour in and the second is completed product….. 3 hours later!!

Unfortunately due to my sons impatience, and his age I have taken to hiding the rest away now until he’s older. We fully intend to buy some Lego playsets in the near future to start his building skills.


We have also visited Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester where Lewis has created cars to test on the speed ramps and on our more recent visit he created a pirate boat with the help of Stephan from Legoland.

Lewis is only just starting out in his Lego adventures and I’m sure if we won this trip to London to watch the new Lego Movie it will re-ignite his passion for Lego.

Here is the trailer of the new Lego Movie.

**This post is my entry into the Tots100 Lego competition, to win a weekend trip to London and see the New Lego Movie.

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